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We help leaders in sports and entertainment collect, analyze and activate fan data.

Featured Partner Perspectives

Emily Harenza
Digital Marketing Director, AC Entertainment (Bonnaroo)

"Knowing our fans and showing we care by always working towards better audiences and more relevant ads not only set us apart from the competition - it resulted in digital ads that performed better that we could've ever expected."
Eric Klein
Director of Digital Strategy, C3 Presents (Lollapalooza)

"Finding premium ticket buyers requires a delicate balance of demographic, affinity and psychographic targeting. Tradable Bits helps us find, reach and convert the right fans - all in real time."
Dewayne Hankins
Chief Marketing Officer, Portland Trail Blazers

"Personalizing the customer experience has become a central tenet of our marketing platform and Tradable Bits is a great partner at helping us deliver on this promise."

Tradable Bits Partners - Case Studies from Clients

See how leaders in music, entertainment and sports partner with Tradable Bits to serve their fans and sell tickets.
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