Why Facebook Marketing Matters

How do I increase engagement on Facebook without spending a ton of money?

Recent changes to News Feed, tabs and controversy over Facebook ads have many people asking me this question. But before I can answer it, we need to remember why businesses market on social media in the first place.

With the right campaign to right audience, social media can:

  • Drive in-store or online sales
  • Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  • Engage with clients to learn how to serve them better

The only way to achieve these goals is to personally know your fans. Before social media, business owners had direct relationships with their clients. Regular customers trusted our recommendations, introduced us to their friends and were loyal to our brands. Online marketing separated us from our customers by turning them into data and demographics. But social media presents an opportunity to rebuild those personal relationships that make a business successful.

How to establish client relationships on social media
With the right technology, businesses can reconnect with their fans on a personal level. To use social media to gain true influence and awareness, businesses need the ability to:

  • Aggregate all brand-relevant data created by clients and their friends into one repository
  • Target messages to individual clients and their circles of influence (friends, followers, etc.)
  • Publish messaging when it’s socially and contextually relevant

These three goals have been our focus since 2014 began, and we’ve recently launched the final pieces of our platform that allow you to accomplish them.

It’s our mission and my personal desire to provide the most cost effective solutions for sophisticated social media marketing so our clients can grow with us. We love to see our clients succeed, empowered by our cutting edge marketing technology. You inspire us to innovate every day!

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