Webinar: How to Create a Branded Chatbot in 5 Easy Steps

Want to create a branded Facebook Messenger bot for your fans, but don't know how to start? Join us as we walk through the five simple steps to crafting your Fan Chatbot on February 27, 2018 at 1:00PM PST.

"How to Create a Branded Chatbot in 5 Easy Steps" is hosted by Lenny Goh and Sean Callanan. Lenny brings the technical expertise behind how Fan Chatbots work and how best to optimize them for engagement. Lenny works closely with some of the biggest sports teams and music festivals leading the way in fan-based marketing in his role at Tradable Bits. Sean Callanan brings the creative genius behind crafting a chatbot your fans are sure to love. Sean's the wizard behind the curtain of IIHF's chatbot for the world juniors, as well as fan chatbots for the Adelaide Crows and Sydney Roosters.

In our FREE webinar, you'll learn how to decide:

  • WHY your chatbot exists: Decide its purpose
  • WHO is it talking to: Determine your audience
  • HOW it speaks: Craft your brand voice
  • WHAT it says: Devise user flows and stories
  • WHERE to promote it: Plan your bot's launch

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