Update Facebook Auth App

  1. Go to: https://developers.facebook.com/apps/

  2. Select your brand's app from the top dropdown menu

  3. From the sidebar menu, select Facebook Login and then click on Settings

  4. For Client OAuth Settings, make sure these toggle are switched to say 'Yes':
    Client OAuth Login
    Web OAuth Login
    Embedded Browser OAuth Login
    Use Strict Mode for Redirect URIs

  5. Below this within Settings, add the URLs inside the [] as 'Valid OAuth redirect URIs':
    [https://tradablebits.com/crm/connect?login_type=facebook] [https://tradablebits.com/crm/oauth?login_type=facebook] [https://tradablebits.com/]

  6. Confirm that you're app looks like this:

  7. Now you can save it!

by Tradable Bits

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