Tradable Bits now a Facebook PMD: How our new qualification benefits you

Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer

We’re thrilled to announce that we are officially a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer. Qualified by the PMD program in Apps, we are now part of a community of “best-in-class developers” around the world.

We’ve been making stellar apps for our millions of clients since 2011. Year after year, we’ve provided some of the most innovative, reliable and affordable solutions for social media marketing. So why join the program now?

Qualification means more innovation

 “PMDs are the social experts at the forefront of helping marketers and advertisers establish and grow lasting connections with customers… these companies work with Facebook to innovate on the Facebook platform.” - Facebook, Inc.

Innovation has always been our goal, so understanding Facebook’s future direction helps us build tools that keep you ahead of the game. With more resources and connections, we’re able to prepare for changes and push the limits of the Facebook platform. We keep up with Facebook’s updates so you don’t have to!

Our participation in the program means more cutting-edge products for all of our clients. It’s a win-win-win.

New networks, new opportunities

Our qualification means we are now listed in the PMD Center. Being part of this roster raises major awareness for our platform. But how do you benefit from us working with more clients?

Every time we work with a new enterprise, they push the limits of our platform farther. We’re faced with challenges that help us rapidly grow. We make our products faster, stronger and more powerful to accommodate their needs. We realize weaknesses we never knew we had, and immediately find ways to fix them.

But are big brands the only ones who benefit from this awesomeness? Definitely not!

Although large companies provide the resources to front the cost of development, the improvements made to our platform as a consequence are shared with all of our clients - big and small. It’s how we do business.

With increased awareness and our new partnerships, comes the potential for much larger projects. Which ultimately means a better platform for everyone.

We’re very excited to celebrate this milestone with you and we can’t wait for what the rest of 2014 brings!

Darshan Kaler, CEO

Tradable Bits

Tradable Bits

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