Case Study: Norco's #AdventureBeginsHere

Tradable Bits Weekly Wow: Norco's #AdventureBeginsHere social stream contest


1 UNIQUE, STORYTELLING HASHTAG that not only empowered fans to share their personal adventures, but also promoted brand awareness for Norco Bicycles while generating highly qualified leads for future ad campaigns.

Norco Bikes Adventure Begins Here Stream Contest


Norco is a bicycle manufacturer with a simple mission: build better bikes. Over the past 50 years, they've developed over 125 different models for cyclists all over the world. They believe in putting their fans' experiences at the forefront - from their social media stream on the homepage of their website, to their latest fan-focused #AdventureBeginsHere contest.


In the spirit of putting their fans in the spotlight, Norco wanted to empower fans to share their unique perspective on "where adventure begins". Norco aimed to authentically align themselves with this sense of adventure by using these fan stories to build brand awareness across social networks. They also wanted an easy way to get to know their fans' friends networks so they could do a better job of reaching them in future ad campaigns.

Fan entries for Adventure Begins Here stream contest by Norco


With an unforgettable mountain bike getaway as an incentive, Norco encouraged fans to post their own photo interpretation of "Adventure Begins Here" to their favourite social media network. Using Stream Contest, Norco automatically collected and moderated entries with the hashtag #AdventureBeginsHere across all public social networks, crowd sourcing tons of fan stories. After choosing the very best entries, Norco let fans decide who should win the ultimate prize by allowing friends of fans to vote for their favourite photo story. This simple contest not only engaged fans and promoted Norco as an adventure brand; it also helped Norco capture an entirely new audience of friends of fans through social login voting. #AdventureBeginsHere was more than just a fun social contest - it revealed which types of narrative images resonate with fans and generated a hyper-targeted, socially relevant audience for future Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns.

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