Case Study: Lush Cosmetics #BareYourSoles Stream Contest

Tradable Bits Weekly Wow Case Study: Lush Cosmetics Foot Care Product Stream Contest BareYourSoles


1000's of LUSHIES SHARING PRODUCT PHOTOS, authentically promoting Lush Cosmetics' new line of foot care products on Instagram and the Lush website.


Lush Cosmetics is an international master of fan-based marketing. Their commitment to making fresh, handmade, ethical cosmetics attracts millions of "Lushies" to their loyal fan community. Lush listens to their fans, features fan content and engages their customers on every social channel.


In their typical fan-focused style, Lush Cosmetics aimed to spread awareness for their new line of foot care products with authentic, organic user-generated content. They needed a way to encourage fans to try out the new product and post about their experiences to Instagram so they could harness their content as real-time testimonial for online sales.

Lush Cosmetics Bare Your Soles Stream powered by Tradable Bits


Creating the #BareYourSoles hashtag, Lush Cosmetics encouraged their fans to post photos of themselves trying the new foot care line to Instagram. With a luxury foot care package as an incentive, fans flocked to stores to get their hands (and feet!) on the new products. Snapping photos of their happy feet at home, they posted them to Instagram with the hashtag for a chance to be featured on Lush's website and social channels. Stream automatically collected, sorted and displayed these fan posts on the Lush website. Now, when fans visit the e-commerce page of the new foot care line, they see real photos from fellow fans about their experiences with the product - often from mere minutes previous.

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