This Week in Digital Marketing - September 9, 2016

1. Facebook Vertical Video Ads are Live

There's no need to flip that phone sideways with Facebook's new vertical video ads. It's a whole new world! While the ads are still new, some social media ad buyers report the CPM is 3x less expensive for a vertical video versus a square one.

Anytime you launch a campaign or ad, make sure to think about your audience on mobile. It's easy to make the same assets for every platform, but does it look as good? Not likely! Videos built for desktop views suffer, especially on mobile because content appears too small. Tradable Bits Campaigns and Streams are mobile friendly so your fans never miss an opportunity to engage and view your content in all its glory.

Videos grow in popularity every year...embrace them! When you run a video ad, remember to create a mobile friendly version. It's even better if you create separate ad sets for desktop and mobile video ads to measure the audience response.

2. Snapchat focuses on live events

Goodbye local stories, Snapchat's focusing on live events now! Local stories were interesting to view, but the feature wasn't as popular as other content on Snapchat. Instead, Snapchat wants to cover more live events like the Fourth of July and Super Bowl.

It's understandable that Snapchat wants to shift its focus to live events. Live videos are exciting and current, which encourages more people to view so they don't miss out. Urgency is key! That's why our clients love to have Streams at their events. The live user generated content shows the event activity and more people want to post to prove they were there too.

Invite your audience to cover your next event. Ask us about our Stream services!

3. How to lower your CPM

How much does it cost to show your ad a thousand times (CPM)? This week, Salesforce shared their quarterly report that detailed the average CPM across social platforms. These were some of the highlights:

  • Facebook: $6.33
  • Instagram: $6.30
  • Twitter: $4.29

Nobody wants to be average! Try to lower your CPM in two ways. Create relevant content that fans will share - the organic reach alone will drive down your CPM. Another tactic is to generate the right audience segment to get in front of more relevant people for less overall spend. Fan CRM and Facebook Ads Audiences make this super easy and have a CPM average of $4.80 for Facebook ads. Don't believe us? Read our "Superstar Secrets to Facebook Advertising" to learn how to lower your CPM without sacrificing audience quality.

Seasons change and so does the digital marketing landscape. It's easy to feel "sleepy", but stay motivated! End this quarter on a high and jump into the last quarter with these fresh digital marketing tools and tactics!


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