This Week in Digital Marketing - September 23, 2016

1. Messenger adds machine-learning payment prompts

Hate chasing your friends down for beer money? Facebook bots now use machine learning to prompt your friends to pay you back through Messenger. Simply type "you owe me" into your chat and your friend will receive a button invitation to pay you back.

This latest attempt by Facebook collect payment information from its users just might work. Especially for small sums of money, interact e-transfers are expensive overkill. "Pay back" buttons may just be the push users needed.

This update is a strong first step towards simpler, humanized e-commerce. We won't be surprised if in a few months you can buy a ticket to a game or concert just by messaging Ticketmaster's Facebook page. This is why we've been playing with Messenger bots to track fan interactions and purchase history since Facebook announced its API.

Bonus in this update: Next time you're deciding which Happy Hour to hit, you can poll your friends in Messenger, too. Cheers to avoiding those notoriously long back-and-forth message threads that leave you with 400 notifications and a dead phone.

2. Instagram finally saves Drafts

Digital marketers rejoice! Instagram now lets you save draft posts.

Gone are the days of accidentally aborting your flawlessly edited masterpiece because you mistakenly opened your Photos app mid-post.

About to run out of data? Sunshine glare throwing off your brightness tweaks? Client call you mid-filter? Just click "Save to Drafts" and return to your post at an ideal moment.

Look out Hootsuite, Later and Buffer! This update nullifies much of the value proposition of your Instagram tools. Apart from the scheduled push notification, marketers can now bulk create their posts and publish them later on. We look forward to seeing who of the three will step up their game and offer additional value to their users.

3. Twitter embraces #GoLive by streaming major media events

Despite pushback from big media, Twitter is fully embracing its #GoLive philosophy by streaming major events in sports and politics. From the NFL to the US presidential debates, Twitter's finally capitalizing on its winning difference - "What's Now" - and abandoning previous attempts to copy other social media giants.

We loved chatting about this and other initiatives at Twitter's recent #Promote event at their HQ in San Francisco this week. We're excited to be part of this forward movement towards fan-based marketing and better collective, real-time experiences for fans.

Not sure about you, but these updates from our partner networks have us about as stoked as Jennifer Aniston when she heard about #brangelina's breakup.

Too soon? 😉

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