This Week in Digital Marketing - September 2, 2016

1. Instagram Stories suggest accounts to follow

Finally, Instagram Stories introduced an update that didn't copy Snapchat! Their algorithm now provides personalised suggestions for who to follow. Enjoy easy creeping for more quality content! 😉

Instagram's Explore page is already popular to use, so this is a smart move for their platform. We're excited to see if their fan-based marketing decision encourages more people to use Instagram Stories over Snapchat. Snapchat's filters are fun but a customised experience is convenient and is more user-friendly.

As a marketer, use the new account suggestions to follow users that are most likely to follow back. You can also use these suggestions to research influencers for potential outreach.

2. Facebook improves Offers ad

Say hello to the revamped Facebook Offers ad! As of this week, you can bookmark offers on mobile and store them in a new section that sends reminders to your devices to use the coupons. Future updates will include unique coupon codes for each person that claims one. People who claim offers can use them online or at the in-store checkout.

Facebook's Offers updates injected some life back into the ad option, and has potential. Make sure you serve your offer ads to the right audience by using the audience data in your Fan CRM or run a Campaign. Our Coupon Campaign collects data on who claims your coupons. We also just released a new update that includes unique coupon codes too!

This ad type is better suited for retail clients, but it's worth looking at next time you're in ads manager. Try experimenting with unique offers for your services.

3. Snapchat's easy on-demand geo-filters

Don't count Snapchat out of the race for users' hearts! Snapchat removed the need for photoshop skills by providing templates for their on-demand geo-filters.

Snapchat knows the old system was a little intimidating and isolated a part of their audience. Not everyone has design skills, but they still want to create custom filters for their friends and events. Thank goodness Snapchat listened to their audience, reaffirming their fan-based marketing prowess.

So, there's no need to hire a graphic designer to spice up your Snapchat game. Let Snapchat's geo-filter templates spark your imagination for your next campaign.

4. Twitter pays users to create videos

Twitter took a page out of YouTube's book and offers users (in its Amplify Publisher Program) the option to run a pre-roll ad before their video content. If video creators agree, they earn a part of the ad revenue. It's not a bad deal since Twitter users receive 70% of revenue, beating YouTube's 55%.

If Twitter's plan works, expect content creators to return to the social platform and to produce more quality video content. Everybody wins! Although this ad model is a little late, we're interested to see how our clients use our Twitter Ads audience to promote their video content. More video content is great, but delivering the videos to the correct audience is better.

Learn more about Twitter's Twitter's Amplify Publisher Program on their blog.

When social platforms put their users at the centre of their updates, it goes a long way. Users love the convenience, notice the appreciation, and return for more. We appreciate you taking the time to read our digital marketing updates, and learn a little about our platform in the process. Have a great long weekend and tune in next week!


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