This Week in Digital Marketing - September 16, 2016

1. Instagram rolls out filters

Finally, Instagram launched filters to the general public! You don't need to be a celebrity because everyone can hide inappropriate comments now. It's a big step for Instagram while other platforms, such as Twitter, struggle to address bullies and trolls.

Don't forget you can always create profanity filters in your Stream to remove or delete inappropriate content. Set up a profanity filter to remove keywords, users, geographical regions, networks, and more. Visit your "Filters" section in your Stream setup to get started.

If your brand experiences abusive comments on your Instagram account, save yourself a headache and turn on the new filter. Visit your Instagram settings, click "comments" and flip the "Hide Inappropriate Comments" switch on. Your social media moderator will thank you for it.

2. Twitter allows longer tweets

Some future good news to report on! As of September 19, images, GIFs, videos, polls and @handles will no longer count towards Twitter's 140 character limit. Cue the celebration! 😉


Twitter's character limit forced users to be clever with their messaging, but it was difficult to be creative with images, videos or gifs without running over 140 characters. We expect tweets collected by Streams to include more multimedia since users don't have to limit themselves (except by copy).

So have one last look at your Twitter content calendar and add some images, videos or gifs. Your tweets will look more dynamic as a result and your audience will pay more attention.

3. Twitter streaming alerts

Twitter continues to fight for user's hearts by introducing a new notification button for live-streaming alerts. Twitter’s new feature differentiates it from Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.

This fan-based approach connects fans with their idols and fosters a sense of exclusivity that users experience on Snapchat or Instagram. Bonus - users never have to miss content produced by their favourite accounts!

There are many ways brands encourage users to follow their live streams. Want to increase your subscriber list? Offer exclusive deals, announcements, sneak peeks to those that subscribe to your live-feed. This tactic encourages followers to turn on notification alerts so they don't miss an opportunity!

4. LinkedIn ads now track conversions

All was quiet on LinkedIn after Microsoft purchased the professional network. The silence broke this week when LinkedIn announced conversion tracking for its ads! The new feature shows how many people purchased a product or signed up for a service after viewing an ad. Marketers can use this data to edit their campaign creative and targeting to better target their audience.

The ability to correlate your ads to sales is important to proving the ROI of social media. It’s the reason we include Facebook’s new offline conversion tracking in our ads reporting. We also include a metric that shares the ROI of your ad, making it easier for your team to report.

Book a time with us to learn how to create ads that deliver better ROI using the data collected from your Fan CRM. Also, learn how to interpret the data on our platform to optimise your ads.

Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat continue to kill the competition, but keep an eye out on Twitter and LinkedIn. Everyone loves a good comeback story and Twitter and LinkedIn still have some tricks up their sleeves!


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