This Week in Digital Marketing - October 7, 2016

1. Tinder Boost: Get ahead of the rest

The competition must be fierce, because Tinder launched a boost feature that places your profile ahead of others for 30 minutes. Tinder states that demand and pricing tests are underway in Australia.

We don't think this will take off, so before you set a Google alert for the official launch, consider a few things. While the boost places your profile first, that doesn't mean people will swipe in your favour. Also, there will be a higher cost to use boosts, since Tinder has to prevent overuse and congestion.

Like bad advertising, this goes against our mantra of "know your fans, market smarter". The Tinder boost is no better than irrelevant ads that haunt your newsfeed. The boost isn't supported by fan-sourced data that indicates interest (which produce higher conversions). To put it in dating terms, it's like paying for someone's drink and then leaning in for a kiss. Awkward! There is no guarantee of success unless you determine interest first.


2. Snap sunglasses: Goodbye Google Glass

Whether you love or hate them, you can't deny Google Glass was exciting and unfashionable at the same time. Where Google Glass died, Snap took over with stylish (and familiar) wear in the form of Snap Sunglasses.

This takes POV social sharing to a new level and presents a circular video format never seen on social before. While it's not ideal for night time video/photo capture, we look forward to Snap sunglasses appearing at our clients' concerts and events. Expect us to investigate ways to integrate Snaps into Stream collections.

If you don't believe in Snap for your social media strategy, that's perfectly okay. However, consider how Snap proves the impact that video content has on user experiences. You don't need to sign up for a Snap account to add video production to your next list of content creation.

3. Twitter lets everyone create "Moments"

Twitter opened up its "Moments" feature to the public, and it's about time! Influencers and celebrities aren't the only people to experience share-worthy moments. Now, every Twitter user is free to create stories using a combination of tweets and photos.

This update is long overdue, especially with user activity on Twitter declining. To limit a story sharing feature to a few members didn't make sense. Our Stream product is another way to capture your event story through photo, post and video aggregation. Streams are exciting because everyone sees their content, participates and discovers something new.

Let your fans document their brand love or your next event with Stream. Contact us to find out how!

4. Facebook launches Marketplace

Snapchat isn't the only platform Facebook has its eyes on. Facebook made a move against Craiglist and introduced "Marketplace". Available in the US, UK and Australia, Marketplace lets you browse relevant items for sale nearby. Bonus, you can see the vendor's true identity thanks for their Facebook profile, unlike Craigslist's system of anonymity.

While the new feature needs refining (ie. two-way rating system, check out options, etc.), the relevancy-sorted content for sale is a fan-based improvement that consumers will love. Content sorted by your interests saves time, effort and beats joining a "buy and sell" group where you have to sift through posts to discover items you want.

Nothing beats early adoption, so if you're a small business owner or vendor, try Marketplace to sell your goods. Experience first-hand how this new feature can benefit your business.

It's the last quarter of the year and the upcoming season is rife with campaign opportunities. There's still time to execute a spooktacular Halloween campaign and to plan festive Christmas initiatives. Make sure to catch our weekly wows spotlight for more inspiration!


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