This Week in Digital Marketing: October 28, 2016

1. 3rd election debate explodes on Facebook and Twitter

The amount of jaw-dropping moments from this election are astonishing, but the amount of chatter from followers is equally impressive. Last week the third and final debate aired between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As a result, both Facebook and Twitter saw 53.2 million interactions from users.

The debate frenzy is a good example how quickly conversations grow on social media. It's also an excellent reminder how important it is to be where your fans are. Many of our clients use our Stream for events but also use it to listen. Streams help them moderate conversations, collect stats and respond quickly within the platform.

To make your lives easier, we compiled them in a Stream. To see all the election craziness in one convenient Stream, check out the Hillary vs. Donald battle royale!

2. Pinterest introduces "Pin Collective"

Pinterest continued to push the limits of its offering by introducing Pin Collective. The new program connects brands with top content creators. The benefit for brands? The creators produce engaging brand content appropriate for the platform.

If you're looking for influencers beyond Pinterest, Fan CRM reveals influential fans among your campaign participants. Using the compiled stats, discover your top fans across all your campaigns. We suggest clients use this information to set up a partnership or influencer program. This is most effective for Twitter and Instagram.

For a full list of content creators in the Pin Collective, visit Pinterest's blog.

3. Business Pages can sell items on Facebook

Facebook finally introduced e-commerce to the platform. The feature comes as no surprise, they introduced Marketplace a couple of weeks ago. The introduction of e-commerce demonstrates how much Facebook's evolving into more than just a social network.

If you want to link e-commerce and social too, create a Shoppable Stream. What makes this Stream display so effective? Shoppable Streams use your user generated content (UGC) to increase consumer attention and purchase since users' photos give products a "human touch"! The imagery is compelling, relevant, timely...and did we mention it's embeddable too?

Make your user generated content work for you this holiday season. Ask us about Shoppable Streams today!

What's scarier than Halloween? Leaving your holiday marketing until the last minute! It'll be "the death" of you...😉



R.I.P Vine We hardly collected ye.


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