This Week in Digital Marketing - October 14, 2016

1. Goodbye Snapchat Auto-Advance, hello Story Playlist

Tired of skipping through snaps you're not interested in? No need to struggle, Snap introduced Story Playlists and removed Snapchat's auto-advance. Users can now select the accounts they prefer to view on a regular basis and create custom playlists for the future.

Custom playlists are a good idea when you consider the competition with Instagram Stories. How many times have you considered unfollowing someone on Snapchat because you don't enjoy what they share? We bet it's often. Or, how often do you make it past the first five stories on Instagram? We guess it's almost never. Snap's latest update proves it listens to its users and wants to provide a personalised experience.

Take a lesson from Snap! While you can't please all your fans, it's best to consider their feedback and behaviours. This information unveils opportunities to update your products, marketing plans and exercise fan-based marketing. Then you're equipped to provide a better, more personal experience your fan won't soon forget.

2. Facebook introduces "Workplace"

Watch out, Slack! In its quest for social network domination, Facebook introduced "Workplace" to streamline office communication. Apart from messaging, the new product lets employees collaborate on projects together, start groups, store files, live stream and manage IT monitoring tools. Essentially, "Workplace" is a one-stop shop for companies' internal communications.

When it comes to external communications, we're your one stop shop! Our clients can collaborate on all aspects of digital marketing from campaign and Stream collection, to custom audiences for ads. If you're a team of one, then our platform makes life easy by helping you execute campaigns, report on analytics and act on social data.

Workplace is Facebook's second form of revenue (after ads) and many big companies signed up to try it out. Plans start as low as $1 per month for over 10,000 active users. If you're looking for a way to cut down the office emails, you can learn more here.

3. Pinterest adds retargeting options for pins and websites

Finally, pins have a purpose beyond online "scrapbooking"! It's now easy to retarget users who interacted with a pin or visitors to websites with a Pinterest tag. Tags help marketers create custom audiences based on the content fans repinned (ex. ads for specific apparel or furniture).

We love this news because it'a huge step towards fan-based marketing on Pinterest! Similarly to when fans interact with campaigns on our platform, when a fan engages with your pins, they're expressing intent and interest. We suggest creating custom audiences that relate to these interests to use for retargeting. As a result, ads that use custom audiences perform better.

Do you have between 2,000 - 3,000 fan profiles in your Fan CRM? Ask us how you can create custom and lookalike audiences for your ads. If you don't have enough fan profiles, there's no need to worry! Let's run another lead-generation campaign together instead!

Social data is a powerful tool and the information collection should be used for good (personal experiences) and not evil (spammy ads)! With Halloween around the corner and Christmas only 10 more weeks away (now that's scary), think about how you can apply your data to enrich the lives of your audience.


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