This Week in Digital Marketing: November 4, 2016

1. Facebook's ethnic targeting raises controversy

To target or not to target, that is the question! Did you know Facebook has ethnic targeting capabilities within Ads Manager? Word got out and the response was not positive. The targeting capability brings up many questions: Is this form of segmentation right or wrong? If fan-based marketing provides personalised user experiences, don't we want to target as much as we can?

Like anything in marketing, you must start with your audience and context to form a message. In messages for different ethnicities and cultures, you must also add an extra layer of respect. If your message is respectful - not stereotypical or exploitative - and provides useful information, then audience segmentation is acceptable. Our Fan CRM, lets you create many audience segments, but it doesn't support segmentation based on ethnicity. Instead, you can apply specific tags to audiences that share certain interests, geographical regions, and more.

We understand the sensitivity around this issue, but we also support (responsible) fan-based marketing. Audience segmentation is a powerful tool, and "with great power comes great responsibility"! So, use your powers for good and always provide value for your fans.

2. Twitter introduces quick replies

Twitter got a little more user-friendly for Community Managers! This week, Twitter introduced automated messages and replies within direct messenger. Facebook has a similar feature, but this is big news for brands that use Twitter for customer service. Now brands can respond faster with pre-written messages for simple and common questions.

If you want to set up auto-reply messages within your Stream, it's simple to configure. Create a label for a particular topic (eg. "our fans"). Write a message for this label ("Great post, *username* keep 'em coming") and save. Now, anytime your Stream categorises a post under the "our fans" label, the author receives a pre-written message customized with their username. This makes your brand look great and responsive since your reply was fast and personal. Auto-replies are available for Twitter and Instagram only.

If this is your first time using labels or you want to improve your skills, contact us for a training session.

3. Instagram develops shopping posts

Hide your wallet! You can now shop on Instagram. Up to 20 big retailers tested Instagram's newest feature that allows marketers to tag up to five items in a photo. Once a user clicks a photo, the tags present pricing, reviews and a "shop now" button that redirects to a product page.

This is a huge step for Instagram and retailers that are sick of the "link in profile" method. However, for brands with user-generated content from different social platforms, Instagram's solution is only part of the equation. To integrate your other social platforms, create a Shoppable Stream on our platform!

Create as many labels as you'd like with different product SKUs (eg. "shoes", "hats", "jackets"). Once you collect a post, apply the appropriate label to that post (you can add multiple labels to a single post). Never miss an opportunity to promote your products. Contact us for more information or set up help.

From platform improvements to ethical issues, social media pushes the boundaries and sparks dialogue around important topics. With the big US election upcoming, we're sure to see even more controversy online soon.


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