This Week in Digital Marketing: November 25, 2016

1. Facebook adds new option to Custom Audiences

Nothing beats good audience targeting and no social platform does this better than Facebook! Facebook collects loads of data, so it's appropriate they introduced page engagement as a custom audience. The feature is not available to everyone yet, but soon enough. Sorry if you have to wait!

If you have the update, start experimenting! Combine this feature with the audiences you create on our platform from your campaigns. The clients that use our audience tools as-is notice better ROI, because their social data indicates interest in their brand (ie. via past engagement). It's like ad conversion magic!

We know combining Facebook's new custom audience with our custom audiences will only help your ads perform better and save you money. Learn more about custom audience creation on Tradable Bits.

2. Instagram adds Live Video, Disappearing Photos and Videos

Instagram's war with Snapchat continued this week, but this time Instagram dominated!Instagram introduced live video streaming and disappearing photos and videos.

This is good news for us! Snapchat's API is only available to a few select partners, which makes collaboration hard. However, Instagram and Tradable Bits go way back, so live videos on Streams are closer than expected. ;)

We don't have live videos yet, but we recently updated our Stream with some other new features. Familiarize yourself in the meantime!

3. Facebook under fire for fake news

After the election, Facebook sat uncomfortably in the spotlight. People realized fake news stories riddled their feeds and the attention hasn't gone away. Facebook's algorithm is the best at serving content you'll enjoy. However, the fact checking around this content is non-existent unless flagged by another user.

Facebook uses fan-based marketing to provide personalized experiences based on user's interests. Unfortunately, most of the fake or inflammatory news plays on people's interests and emotions. What's the solution? It's hard to say, but it's going to take a lot of hard work! Just like you moderate Stream for inappropriate or irrelevant content, social networks need similar practices. It's the only way to uphold the integrity of the platform, especially in an era where people rely on social media for news.

Thankfully, Google and Facebook want to address the problem. Google is removing certain sites from its search listing and Facebook recently purchased Snopes. Of course, Facebook and Google can't catch every false story, so the responsibility lies with users too. Make sure you understand what you share before posting. Not all the details lie in catchy titles.

If you consume social media daily, take the extra time to educate yourself on issues before you share. If you're a marketer, target intentionally instead of contributing to the noise. Everyone still has the power to influence how social platforms grow, but that requires us to take some responsibility.


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