This Week in Digital Marketing: November 18, 2016

1. Instagram introduces vertical photo and video ads

Keeping up with the mobile times, Instagram finally launched vertical photo and video ads! The platform introduced vertical photo posting a few years ago, so this new ad option was inevitable.

Mobile use grows every year and marketers need to keep up. That's why our Campaign and Stream products are mobile friendly. Never lose an engagement opportunity!

Don't know how to set up mobile optimized Campaigns or Streams? Don't be shy - ask us!

2. Pinterest debuts auto-play video ads and explore section

Pinterest steps up its ad game - again! Pinterest's latest upgrade includes auto-play videos for users that scroll past the content. In addition, the upgrade includes a new explore section available to everyone this week. Haven't seen it yet? It includes trending ideas, quick-play videos, expert favourites and more.

Pinterest's advertising platform exploded this year! From shoppable pins to these new video ads, brands can experiment with a lot in the platform. The brands that master these new features have much to gain, since Pinterest's audience has clear interests in particular projects or hobbies. The potential for conversion is high if brands target properly!

We're excited to explore ways to support audience creation for our clients using Pinterest advertising. Want to learn more about our current social ad features? Visit our website for more information.

3. Facebook and Instagram message inbox

The social media gods heard the cries of countless community managers! Facebook released an inbox that receives messages for Facebook AND Instagram. Now it's easy to toggle accounts, answer back and click on profiles for more user information.

Managers no longer have to keep both messenger apps open to moderate because messages appear in one convenient location. Our platform also offers convenience for your Stream moderators! Your team can reply to Twitter and Instagram content directly from Stream. Moderators can also follow these Twitter and Instagram users from our platform.

Make your job easier, stay on top of all your messages and look like an all-star engager. Try Facebook's new combined messenger feature or try our Stream reply option.

4. Mute the offensive Twitter notifications

Slowly but surely, Twitter's winning the battle against trolls. Recently, Twitter updated its "Mute" feature to include notifications. You have the power to mute keywords, phrases and entire conversations from notifications. The update is available to all Twitter users this week!

It's encouraging to see Twitter taking action to protect its users from abusive accounts. If you're experiencing issues with trolls, spam, or abusive content on your Stream, take advantage of our filters. You have the option to remove, keywords, hashtags and more.

The beauty of filters is you are in complete control over what content you collect and see. If you're new to our filters feature, contact us for setup help.

After weeks of election news, we're happy to see new, useful updates again. We can't wait to see what comes out next week!


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