This Week in Digital Marketing: November 11, 2016

1. Facebook tests a "jobs" tab

One platform to rule them all! After Facebook bought Instagram, copied Snapchat and launched Marketplace to replace Craiglist, it's set its sights on LinkedIn. We think so! Facebook tested a new "jobs" tab on select business pages, it's looking at busting into the professional realm.

Many brands still use LinkedIn as a source of news and as a platform to share career-related content. However, sometimes LinkedIn posts live in a bubble. Are your Linkedin posts lonely? Then maybe it's time to integrate them into the rest of your social strategy.

Linkedin content collection is now available on Stream! Now, your fans won't miss your professional announcements and your LinkedIn account gets the recognition it deserves. Set up a LinkedIn feed today!

2. Sponsored Messages on Facebook Messenger

Advertising specialists will love Facebook's latest update! Facebook launched two new advertising options, both for your Facebook Messenger. Now News Feed ads display an option to start messenger conversations with users. Additionally, sponsored messages are possible to send to users that contacted customer service.

Big brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Absolut Vodka experimented with the ads and Facebook predicted the new options will increase conversions. The ads directing users to messenger let brands respond faster, whereas the sponsored messages allow brands to re-engage previous messengers. Combined with audience targeting, Facebook positioned these features to provide a new level of personalised service and engagement.

We're excited to explore these ad options with our clients. Remember, you can still apply your custom audiences to these new ads. Make use of your collected social data, optimise your targeting and watch your ROI grow!

3. The election on social media

If social media buzzed during the presidential debates, it exploded on election night. Across Facebook and Twitter, there were 716.3 million interactions. From that number, 115.3 million were Facebook users, while 75 million were tweets.

As much as this election relied on traditional campaign methods, there is no denying how hard both candidates fought on social media. It proves how vital social media is to any marketing strategy and the unique opportunities it affords those that choose to be on it.

While your company doesn't fight for the oval office, you compete with others for audience attention. Our platform offers several ways to stay ahead of your competitors. If you're looking for ways to monitor conversations across your platforms, create a Stream. Or, if you want to engage your active fans and collect data, run a Campaign.

Like the election, sometimes your digital marketing strategy can feel like an uphill battle. You're not alone! We provide fast and easy solutions to get you started, to keep you going or to help you secure that win. We're never more than an email or call away. Contact us today!


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