This Week in Digital Marketing: January 6, 2017

1. 2017: Year of the Micro-Influencer

January is marketing predictions season! The hottest 2017 trend we've seen so far is the "micro-influencer".

As we've learned from fan-based marketing, the only people more influential than celebrity influencers are your trusted "cool friends".

We all have one - the schoolmate with the flawless Instafeed, the social butterfly that's invited to everything or that shopping master that always finds the hidden gems. All these "cool friends" needed to graduate to "micro-influencers" was a social platform to develop their hyper-niche, super loyal audiences of followers.

What's making marketers go gaga over these mini-celebs? They're substantially more affordable to work with than the big wigs - and often generate more genuine engagement and sales!

How do you find the micro-influencer that's right for your audience? You can spend hours crawling through social feeds, or you can simply check out your list of most engaged and influential people in your Stream or Fan CRM. Contact us to see your list!

2. Facebook Auto-Captions Videos

Facebook took a giant step towards a more accessible web by announcing more auto-captioning for videos uploaded to their platform. As anyone who's ever forgotten their headphones knows - there's nothing more annoying than a muted video that doesn't have captions.

At CIMC last year, Domain 7 gave a great presentation about the importance of online accessibility. Providing a seamless online experience for all people not only expands your audience and improves your SEO; it helps to heal the ableist digital divide.

We've made accessibility a priority in our product design moving forward, given we want to promote awesome fan experiences for all fans. We have the pleasure of working with some incredible companies like Lush Cosmetics that share our vision.

If you have any questions or suggestions on how we could make our platform more accessible, please contact us! We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Happy new year to you and your team! We hope you had a fabulous, relaxing time with family and friends. Let's make 2017 the best one yet!

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