This Week in Digital Marketing: January 27, 2017

1. Facebook testing Stories

Instagram saw great success with Stories this past year. Now, Facebook wants to experiment with the video feature too. Facebook tested Stories in Ireland. Like Instagram, Facebook Stories appear at the top of the page, disappear after 24 hours and have filters.

Not everyone uses Instagram, but many people have Facebook accounts. This Facebook update makes Stories available to a bigger audience. Since Tradable Bits offers Facebook collection on Stream, this update means collecting Stories may be possible.

Have you created a Stream yet? It's an easy way to monitor your fan activity. Contact our Support team to set up training or browse our Support guides to start one today.

2. Live Video for Instagram launches globally

Live videos on Instagram launched last year to everyone's excitement. This feature was only available in the United States, but now it's open to everyone.

Video is a big focus of 2017, as networks push the boundaries to better connect us to each other. We joined this trend by providing more options for videos too! We've added a Video Contest Campaign and high-quality video upload for Stream Contests.

Want to spice up your audience engagement? Offer a video Campaign! Contact us if you have any questions.

With all the controversy lighting up social media this week, the major networks launched fewer updates than usual. We hope the chaos settles soon, so we can get back to moving forward in the world - and digital marketing!


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