This Week in Digital Marketing: January 20, 2017

1. Pinterest adds ad groups to campaign structure

Pinterest stepped up its game this month by including ad groups in its advertising model. Currently, Pinterest's advertising only includes campaigns and promoted pins. The addition provides more control over targeting and budget.

Pinterest's new ad model follows a similar structure to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We are eager to experiment with Pinterest ads to see if our clients can apply their segmented audiences from Fan CRM to promoted pins.

The power to target is yours! Want to learn how to create custom audiences on Fan CRM? Contact us for Fan CRM training!

2. Facebook removes "Edited" label to updated posts

Made a mistake on your Facebook post? No sweat! You can edit Facebook posts without anyone realising it. Community Managers will enjoy this recent update.

Did you know you can edit the text in your Stream posts? Find the post in your collection and click on the bottom right button. Select "Post Details". In the pop-up window, you'll see all the meta-data for the post. Be aware that when you edit the post text these changes only apply to the Stream, not on the platform you collected from.

With great power comes great responsibility. You don't want to change any text to pure sales messages or spammy content. We suggest you use this feature wisely so you don't upset any of your followers.

3. Twitter phasing out "Buy" button

In a surprise move, Twitter shifted away from its e-commerce focus. Twitter will remove its "buy" button soon according to Social Times. However, the "donate" button will remain intact, so no worries if you're a not-for-profit.

If you work with Twitter ads, you know the ROI is usually shaky at best. On Twitter, the targeting is pretty broad and this makes it hard to find your intended audience. Our approach focuses on building audiences from people talking about certain topics on Stream. Clients that create ad audiences on our platform see great results on their Social Ads!

Want to see a better return on your Twitter ads? Talk to us about setting up a Stream. We promise it pays off!

2017 is off to a strong start with many platforms shifting their focus to match user demands. Proper targeting is no trend - it's a necessity now. What are you doing to reach your true audience?


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