This Week in Digital Marketing: January 13, 2017

1. YouTube adds "On the Rise" section

YouTube added an "On the Rise" section on their "Trending tab". The new section highlights four different creators with at least 1000 subscribers per week. At the moment, the new feature is only available in the United States.

We recently upgraded our Idols section too and introduced "Buzz"! Click on the Idol you follow to view their fans activity. It's easy to see which city they're most popular in, some sample tweets and more.

To use Buzz, set up Idols and run a Campaign. Once people Facebook authenticate, our system cross-references your Fans' interests with your Idols list. Need help? Contact us for details!

2. Instagram launches full-screen ads

This was bound to happen - Instagram is testing ads between Stories! Not surprising since 150 million daily users flock to Stories for content. Watch out, Snapchat!

Instagram tested these new full-screen ads with specific brands. Once Instagram Stories becomes an ad placement, we suggest our clients apply their Fan CRM audiences to test their effectiveness. If Instagram Story ads generate conversions, the ROI appears on our Social Ads section. We hope the new ads include deep links!

Learn how to prepare your audiences for the widespread launch of Instagram Story ads. Book a training session with our Client Success team.

3. Snapchat tests deep-linking for ads

Snapchat finally decided to test deep linking in advertisements. Good timing since Instagram Story ads just launched! In Snapchat ads, users access the deep link by swiping up and tapping. Snapchat tested this new feature with select brands and we're curious to know the ROI.

Snapchat didn't share which brands tested the deep links, but we hope they extend their API to more partners. We want our clients to apply their Fan CRM audiences to Snapchat ads. So far, clients use our ad audiences across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

So, what are you waiting for, Snapchat? Let us join your family! In the meantime, our users have the Fan CRM and Social Ads section to play with on our platform. It's never too late to start targeting the correct audience.

4. Twitter Dashboard shuts down on February 3

It's a rough start to the New Year for Twitter. After a 6 month run, Twitter Dashboard closes on February 3. Twitter announced they plan to split Dashboard's features across different sections on the platform.

Don't fret if you used Twitter Dashboard to keep tabs on your fans and their interactions with you. Track your Twitter engagement on Stream! Collect content from people who mention you or use your hashtag. Stream even allows you to respond to fans or follow them from the Tradable Bits platform.

Make your job easier! Start using Stream to moderate content and engage with fans. Let us help you set one up.

2017 is off to a great start! The competition between social networks pushes developers to innovate. If this progress is a sign, we can't wait to see what the rest of the year holds in store!


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