This Week in Digital Marketing - December 30, 2016

1. 2016 in Review

Can you believe 2016 is almost over? We can't! So much happened that it was hard to keep track. Before the year is over, let's take one final look at what happened this year across social media.

Facebook tried to take over the social media world! Facebook launched live videos, positioned Instagram as a worthy competitor against Snapchat (despite initial groans), and introduced chatbots to Messenger. 2016 was good, but the year had it's tough moments too. The spread of fake news on feeds cast a negative spotlight on the network. Many users questioned the platform as a reputable news source. In 2017, Facebook needs to answer "to be or not to be, a media company?".

Instagram ended the year on a high note - over 600 million users subscribed to the platform! They added more ways to share special moments, such as Stories, live video, disappearing photos and videos in direct messages. The extra safety tools introduced for comments were a bonus! Can they sustain the pressure on Snapchat in 2017?

Twitter struggled in 2016, but they managed to hold a spot in people's hearts. Users still flocked to Twitter for up-to-date information and story sharing. The biggest topics this year covered everything from the Olympics and the US election to cries for social change. It's clear Twitter won't go down in 2017 without a fight, but we wonder if this is the year acquisition predictions come true.

As for us, we blew up in 2016! Tradable Bits collected 29 million Stream posts and quarantined 359,000 trolls from client Streams. Almost 3 million fans connected to client campaigns which resulted in 138 million friends of fans reached. Talk about amplification!

Our reach was worldwide too! Our clients connected to fans in over 118 countries and the digital high didn't stop there. Our clients used collected data from fans to produce amazing ads that generated up to 40x ROI on Facebook and 17x ROI on Twitter. Sound too good to be true? Check out our Year in Review Infographic for more details!

2. 2017 predictions

It's nice to reminisce, but you're a digital marketer and you want to know what's next! We respect that! Luckily, Social Times wrote a great list of digital marketing predictions for 2017. Next year, expect Influencer Marketing to play a bigger role in your strategy, rely on Marketing Technology to give you better audience insights, and investigate Predictive Analytics to help you allocate your resources and budget.

We're happy to share we have great solutions for each of these points:

  • Influencer Marketing: Social proof works wonders for your brand promotion. Discover your influencers and biggest brand advocates using Stream stats. Make your influencer outreach easier using our Idols post requests. When you know who has the biggest reach and engages with you the most, your influencer outreach is more successful.
  • Marketing Technology: To compete, you need better targeting methods. Run a Campaign and use the data collected to create segmented audiences in our Fan CRM. Audiences generated from Campaign participation have better ROI.
  • Predictive Analytics: For your eyes only! We're working on a social ads dashboard that helps you determine which ads are performing best and deserve more spend. Stay tuned for more information next year! ;)

Start 2017 strong! Ask us how to use fan-based marketing on our platform to accomplish your brand objectives. Ask us how!

We had a great time updating you on the top digital marketing news this year. Thank you for returning each week - we're extremely grateful. We hope your new year is as awesome as you. Cheers!


Tradable Bits

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