This Week in Digital Marketing - December 16, 2016

1. Snapchat launches Groups, Scissors and Paintbrush

In the spirit of giving, Snapchat released delightful updates you will enjoy. Snapchat introduced "Groups", a new feature that lets you connect with up to 16 people in a single conversation. Want to direct message one person without disturbing everyone? Easy! Toggle back and forth between direct and group messages with a single click.

Ever wonder how to measure the effectiveness of your messenger chats with clients? We're launching bots that allow you to track the stats behind your customer engagement. Whether it's a group chat or one-on-one.

Extra Snapchat updates include Scissors and Paintbrush. Use Scissors to create stickers from your snaps, and Paintbrush to draw on your Memories posts. You have many fun tools to explore. What are you waiting for? Visit Snapchat to try them out and stay tuned for our bot launch on Tradable Bits.

2. Instagram's Safety Tools

The Insta-sphere got a little safer this week with the introduction of new safety tools. For any troll issues, you can disable comments on your posts or remove followers from private accounts. Thankfully, Instagram also introduced anonymous reporting for any posts that hint at self-harm.

On Stream, you have similar capabilities! Using filters, you can remove posts that contain certain keywords, hashtags, usernames, and more. You also have the power to ban trolls or irrelevant users on your Stream. Finally, Stream audiences have the ability to report inappropriate posts. If you want to keep tabs on reported posts so you can respond fast, set up a Slack notifications channel.

We take your Stream moderation seriously! If you have any questions about any of these precautionary features, contact us.

3. Instagram saved posts

Christmas came early to Instagram and we're sure this update was on your digital marketing wish list. It's now easy to save your favourite Instagram posts. Enjoy fast content curation that doesn't involve screenshots stealing space on your phone.

Good content is worth its weight in gold, so you don't want to lose it. It's possible to "save" your favourite content on Stream. Create a label for User Generated Content (UGC) or another name. While moderating content, apply the label to posts you like.

Next time you moderate your content, sort your content to only show your label. Labels are also a great way to categorise the content you collect. Take advantage of labels and contact support if you have any questions.

Did you get the social media update you wanted for Christmas? No worries if you didn't! Keep checking back, we have a few new features launching over the holidays that may just grant your Christmas wish! 😉


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