This Month in Digital Marketing - February 2017

Did you miss us? Well, TWIDM is back with a twist! Consider us your go-to source for digital marketing news on a monthly basis. We'll be sharing a monthly press round-up of relevant internal and external news stories.

1. YouTube to phase out 30-second unskippable ads

Did you blink twice in disbelief? We know we did! YouTube plans to phase out unskippable ads. YouTubers must be happy, but we reserve our applause. We think when you target people properly, there is no need to eliminate ads.

Our platform collects data from Campaign participants. The collected data lets you learn more about your fans. Clients use this social data to retarget their fans and reach fan friends. Ads using social data perform better since they resonate more with fans. The audience was the correct group to target in the first place!

Want to advertise to the correct audience instead of playing guessing games? Contact our team for a demo of our Fan CRM and Social Ads products.

2. Twitter punishes trolls

Twitter trolls better smarten up because they're in for some serious discipline. Twitter released new updates that prevent trolls from harassing users. First, expect no more notifications from blocked/muted users. Second, find solace that trolls won't be able to create new accounts. Finally, Twitter enforces childhood nightmares with 12-hour time-outs when it detects inappropriate behaviour.

What a relief to see Twitter take more actions to control the troll problem on the network. Much like Twitter, we have our filters on Stream to remove inappropriate content. If offensive content appears on your Stream, you have the power to ban users from your display. When you ban an author, our system removes their past posts and rejects any future posts on your Stream.

It's time to toughen up on inappropriate content and show the trolls we won't stand for it. Are you with us? Contact us to learn how to set up troll prevention tactics on your Stream.

3. Facebook develops new policies to fight discriminatory ads

Have you been the target of blatant advertising? You're not alone! After promises last November, Facebook created new policies to curb discriminatory advertising.

Targeting is a great tool, if used properly. It improves your ROI and your fans appreciate seeing content that interests them. However, the line gets fuzzy when you start to target (or exclude) a particular group of people over others (ie. based on stereotypes).

The beauty behind audiences created from our platform is they are interest/intent based. No bias, just pure data! Want to learn how to take advantage of this feature? Let us show you!

4. GIFs now available for Facebook ads

Everyone loves a good GIF. It makes sense. GIFs are fun, fast and on-trend. Keeping up with the times, Facebook introduced GIFs as an option for Facebook Ads.

After client requests, we updated our Stream last year to support GIF collection. When you enable real-time post collection, watch the GIFs flow in as long as your fans post them! We suggest turning on real-time collection for live events.

Real-time post collection is an add-on feature to Stream. If you have an upcoming event you want to enable real-time for, let us know! Our team can create a quote for you.

5. Instagram launches multiple photos in a post

There are so many beautiful photos on Instagram, how could you improve the experience? By adding multiple photos within one post, of course! Instagram now allows users to upload up to 10 photos/videos per post. There's no need to spam people with back to back posts from a recent vacation anymore!

All jokes aside, this is a great improvement! The content is more immersive and dynamic in a single post. We're excited to see how people experiment with the update. Our team wants to support this new Instagram posting style for our Stream collection too. So, stay tuned!

In the meantime, acquaint yourself with Stream setup! Either request a training session with our team or refer to our handy "how to guides". Our guides are available in the "Support" section of your Tradable Bits account.

6. 10 Tips for Building a Self-Funded Startup

Standing in a room full of tech entrepreneurs and hopefuls, Darshan (Tradable Bits CEO + Co-Founder) shared his tips on how to build a successful self-funded startup at TechVancouver. Do you dream of starting a tech company? Let Darshan be your guide, watch his talk on video here.

Perhaps you want to know all the lessons shared at the event? Betakit wrote a great summary from TechVancouver that includes the best pointers from each speaker at the event.

7. Trail Blazers Share Best Practices for Fan-Based Marketing

We partnered with the Trail Blazers last year to launch some fan-based marketing campaigns and they were a hit! The team shared their insight with the rest of the sports industry in SEAT conference's Global Magazine. Read their tips on fan-based marketing for sports here:

Expect another TWIDM (or TMIDM - This "MONTH" in Digital Marketing) at the end of the month. Hopefully, Spring decides to show its face by then! 😉


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