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    What's Kraken: In Conversation with the Blue Jackets, Redskins and Trail Blazers

    During uncertain times, it can be tricky to engage fans. It has been incredible seeing how sports organizations have been able to engage their fans despite games being on pause and league openings delayed. Curious how they’re doing it? Following our first installment in our What's Kraken content series,…

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    Top 7 Ways to Reach Millennials in 2020

    So now you’re wondering, what’s this got to do with me? Millennials are the largest, yet youngest working cohort today, which makes them unlikely to have significant mortgages. This marks them as prime candidates to spend their disposable incomes- but only on things that appeal to them. 90%…

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    How to Capture Gen Z's 8-Second Attention Span Through Ads

    Technology is now vital for communication, entertainment and education. Our world has become so reliant on the internet and digital technology that most of Generation Z (those born in the years 1996 to 2009) doesn't even know what the world was like before the internet. In fact, 44% of Gen…

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    Marketing Sports to Female Fans

    Approximately 50% of the population refers to themselves as female. But throughout the years, sports have always been predominately male-dominated. From players to viewers, companies have always focused their efforts on marketing sports in a male-oriented manner. Women's sports is also on the rise with the increased amount of viewers…

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    3 Crucial Factors for Marketing Major Festivals

    Coachella, Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza and Voodoo are some of the most popular annual music festivals... but what makes them so successful? Why do people spend hundreds - maybe even thousands - of dollars on a weekend experience? Moreover, how can you make your festival just as enticing? Here we're going to…

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    The Evolution of Fan (Consumer) Behaviour

    Consumer behaviour has consistently changed with the evolution of technology and the digitization of our society. We've evolved from a world where items are only available for purchase at brick-and-mortar stores to purchasing products online. Purchase Cycle The moment a consumer realizes that they want something, is the second the…

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    How the Music Industry is Changing

    The rapid growth of technology has changed the way that the music industry runs. From the distribution to the consumption, it is constantly changing how consumers listen to music. The Present (c/o James Owen, Unsplash) In 2019, musicians are still struggling to create a name for themselves and to…

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    How Never-Published Moon Landing Photos Ended Up Above My Desk (LinkedIn Feature)

    As seen on LinkedIn: How Never-Published Moon Landing Photos Ended Up Above My Desk We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best…

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    Evening the Playing Field: How to Market Sports to Gen Z

    Cracked the code of marketing to millennials? It’s time to move on. The next big undertaking for digital marketers is understanding Gen Z. The oldest members of this generation are entering the workforce for the first time, and even teens are bringing significant purchasing power with them—alongside a…

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    How to: Boost Ticket Sales for Next Year's Festival

    Having all of your most dedicated fans in the same place at the same time is a benefit exclusive to annual events like music festivals. To take advantage of this data extravaganza, it is critical to identify the most valuable data and develop strategies to collect it. The information collected…

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    Top 6 Fan Marketing Highlights of the 2019 Playoffs

    It’s playoff time in the NBA and NHL. From the series-winning 3-point shot from Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lilliard to the Game 7 comeback from the San Jose Sharks, the playoffs have been packed with memorable #MyFanMoments. As the exhilarating seasons come to a close in both leagues, we're…

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    How to: Get the Most from Instagram Story Quizzes

    Instagram stories are all the rage these days. Over 500 million Instagram users view stories every day and the app continues to grow in popularity, especially among younger demographics. Instagram stories are especially appealing for businesses. They offer huge potential exposure as well as options for fan engagement through interactive…

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    The Ultimate Festival Checklist

    The sun is shining and the birds are singing… which means its almost festival season. In 2019, free swag bags, branded VR filters, and photo booths are at the most basic level of fan activation. Nielsen’s Music 360 Report conducted a survey where 49% of people answered that they…

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    Fortnite vs. Apex Legends: Battle Royale

    In the age of micro-attention, which PvP game will wear the crown? Regardless of whether or not you play video games, I’d be surprised if you’ve never heard the name “Fortnite”. However, the latest gaming giant may be losing its hold. Developed by EA and set in the…

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    How VR/AR is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

    If you’ve ever been to a concert or festival, then you know the fun comes for a price. From the pain of waiting in line to get a drink, withholding from breathing while hitting the porta-potty, anxiously trying to find then stay in sight of your friends, dying phone…

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    Super Bowl Commercials: Touchdown or Fumble? The $5 Million Dollar Question

    $175,000 per second. A grand total of $5,250,000 for a single 30-second slot. 30 seconds to capture your audience, share a compelling message, and move the customer further down the purchase funnel - all before the next ad starts and another business vies for their attention. For…

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    8 Fan-Based Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

    Although new technologies launch every year, one thing remains the same in 2019: the need to find, capture and keep your fans’ attention. As the digital landscape constantly evolves, we can expect some major shifts in fan-based marketing in 2019. Let’s take a look at the major trends that…

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    How to do “influencer marketing” without lighting your brand on FYRE

    If the FYRE fiasco taught us anything, it’s that “Instagram Influencers” are full of kombucha-powered crap. Being hot and on a yacht does not make you a good judge of a quality product. Even if it did, an “influencer” being paid to endorse something does not mean they’re…

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    Top 13 Best Sports Activations of 2018

    Year after year, brand and sponsorship activations get more creative, capture more eyes, and attract more fans. It's challenging to activate fans in a meaningful way, but we created a checklist to help you optimize your efforts. As the year comes to end, we take a look back at the…

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    How Music Artists Can Delight Fans with Data (Animated Infographic)

    Music fans are fickle - with millions of artists to choose from, how do you compete? Can you guide a fan on their journey from the first time they hear you, to becoming a lifelong super fan? How do you still do this when you have millions of fan relationships…

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