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    Ask an Expert: Sean Callanan of Sports Geek Talks Fan-Based Marketing for Sports

    After 15 years in IT development, Sean Callanan followed his passion for sports and technology by starting Sports Geek. His agency connects sports, fans, and sponsors using technology. He started the active and exclusive SportsBiz Slack Community, which hosts and connects over a thousand sports executives. His Sports Geek Podcast…

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    Case Study: International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) Mascot Campaign

    Empowering Super Fans to Make Hockey Mascot History By letting their fans name their World Championship mascot, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) connected with over 4000 super fans, learning about them and their network of 835,000+ friends. GOAL: Crowdsource Mascot Name from Fans The International Ice Hockey Federation…

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    SEAT Panel Announcement: What Sports Can Learn from Music's Biggest Players

    We’re excited to announce our upcoming expert panel featuring our CEO + cofounder, Darshan Kaler and the Director of Marketing Analytics + Technology at C3 Presents, Eric Klein. These experts in data-backed marketing for events are sharing their insight with the sports industry at the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology…

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    Case Study: Dallas Mavericks Social Ads

    Turning Ads into Fan Stories By targeting fans and their friends with relatable promoted posts instead of aggressive ticket ads, the Dallas Mavericks earned more sales while maintaining a positive brand experience. GOAL: Boost Ticket Sales with Narrative Video Ads The Dallas Mavericks know that fans go to their games…

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    Case Study: Florida Gators Engagement Campaign

    Snapping Up Leads with Fan-Based Sweepstakes By launching a simple sweepstakes campaign, the Florida Gators attracted 11,000+ fans and their friends, earning thousands of new emails for their mailing list in a single month. GOAL: Personalize Fan Experience + Attract Friends Florida Gators fans are always hungry for relevant content…

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    Case Study: Portland Trail Blazers UGC Campaign

    Turning "Rip City" Spirit into Sponsor Value The Portland Trail Blazers (NBA) provided global awareness and qualified leads to their sponsor Alaska Air by empowering fans all over the world to show their Rip City team spirit. GOAL: Connect Sponsor with Fan Community The Portland Trail Blazers are always looking…

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    Fan-Based Marketing in 2016: Tradable Bits Year in Review Infographic

    2016 was the year of the fan. Major brands finally embraced personalized experiences, social media networks made moves towards better ad targeting and fan data became a staple of every successful marketing campaign. Congratulations to all of our technology partners for a year full of new fans, stellar campaigns and…

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    71 Last-Minute Christmas Contest Ideas with Easy Templates

    T'was the month before Christmas and all through your team, there was nothing but panic - you might even scream. But before you get hung up on holiday fear... don't worry, we've got you! St. T-Bits is here. We've compiled our biggest list of winter holiday-themed social media contest ideas…

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    Please Vote for Our SXSW 2017 Sports Panel with Sports Geek

    TL;DR: Please help us out by voting for our SXSW sports panel here before September 2, 2016. We're excited to announce we've proposed a South by Southwest (SXSW) 2017 sports panel with Sports Geek titled "Agencies are Doomed as Sports Teams Take the Lead". In order to secure our…

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    Case Study: FFA + Playstation #PS4Trickshot Stream Contest

    WOW-FACTOR 3000+ FAN TRICKSHOT VIDEOS uploaded to Twitter and Instagram with the branded hashtag #PS4Trickshot for Football Federation Australia and Playstation's collaborative Stream contest. FOOTBALL FEDERATION AUSTRALIA + PLAYSTATION Football Federation Australia (FFA) is the governing body of football in Australia and is one of 207 other members of FIFA, the…

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    SEAT Panel Announcement: Fan-Based Marketing for Sports

    We’re excited to announce our upcoming panel with experts from the NBA, NFL and Facebook discussing fan-based marketing at the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) conference in Las Vegas on July 18, 2016. What You'll Learn: Our interactive panel will cover how fan-based marketing helps sports teams…

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    How to Retarget Customers Without Being a Creep

    Cookie-based retargeting was an online advertising game-changer. It was the best ad tech invention of the past five years. There's just one problem... it was also the worst ad tech invention of the past five years. When done right, retargeting is powerful. It can boost brand awareness among even the…

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    Case Study: Vancouver Whitecaps FC Targeted Social Ads

    Filling Stadium Stands with Friends of Fans Leveraging the social networks of their loyal ticket buyers, Vancouver Whitecaps FC expanded their reach with microtargeted Facebook ads to the friends of 'Caps fans, earning nine times more sales per ad dollar spent. Everyone Attends Games with Friends Sports events are inherently…

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    Case Study: Vancouver Canucks eCard Campaign

    Connecting Fans with Viral Holiday e-Card To get fans in the Christmas spirit, the Vancouver Canucks launched a hilariously sharable eCard campaign that earned them over 11,000 organic impressions and 2,300 full, verified fan profiles. GOAL: Surprise & Delight Fans for the Holidays The Vancouver Canucks love to…

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    What is Fan-Based Marketing? (Free Sports Report)

    What is fan-based marketing and why does it matter for sports teams? Find the answers to these and more sports marketing questions in this free exclusive white paper featuring the Washington Redskins (NFL), Portland Trail Blazers (NBA) and the Vancouver Whitecaps FC (MLS). Download your free copy of "Fan-Based Marketing:…

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    Case Study: Washington Redskins Engagement Campaign

    Winning New Followers with Creative Social Campaigns Following Facebook’s discontinuation of Fan Gating, the Washington Redskins found creative new ways to attract followers. Wooing over 8000 new visitors in a single day, their fun-filled campaigns made a huge impact on new and existing fans alike. Connect with More Football…

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    Case Study: Vancouver Whitecaps Engagement Campaign

    Scoring New Fans with Fun Engagement By playfully encouraging a little healthy competition among their fans during the FIFA World Cup, Vancouver Whitecaps FC got introduced to 2,300,000+ new fans they can now target for sales. Leverage FIFA World Cup Excitement Combining gamification and social media marketing, the…

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    Live #SB50 Infographic: Super Bowl 2016 Social Media Stats

    Super Bowl 50 is already social media's most talked about event of 2016. Data is dumping out of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram in mountains by the minute. But how can you make sense of all the buzz? Meet The Social Bowl. The Social Bowl for #SB50 First, we started collecting…

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    INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl 2015 Social Media Statistics Reveal Sports Industry Insights

    Editor's note: Looking for 2016 Super Bowl stats? Check out TheSocialBowl.com for ad wars, cheerleaders & more! The social media statistics for the 2015 Super Bowl reveal many important insights about The Big Game. Just paying attention to user-generated content surrounding #SB49 can tell us which social media networks…

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    Infographic: How to Get Social Fans into Stadium Stands

    Converting social media fans to physical attendees is a constant challenge in the sports industry. How do you know which followers buy tickets? How do you identify and influence the ones that don't? And the big question: How do you get your millions of social media followers to actually attend…

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