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    7 Ways to Engage With Your Fans During Events

    Let's paint you a picture; your fan has bought a ticket to see their favourite musician or sports team and have been waiting for this day for weeks - maybe months - until finally the day of the event has arrived. They are ready for an experience that they'll be…

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    The Modern Sports Fan: 4 Personas for the Future

    Personalizing your marketing approach can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies show that 86% of buyers admit that personalization has some impact on what they purchase, and 25% say that a personalized approach ‘significantly influences’ their purchasing behaviour. At Tradable Bits, we believe in the importance of…

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    Marketing Sports to Female Fans

    Approximately 50% of the population refers to themselves as female. But throughout the years, sports have always been predominately male-dominated. From players to viewers, companies have always focused their efforts on marketing sports in a male-oriented manner. Women's sports is also on the rise with the increased amount of viewers…

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    Why You Can't Ignore TikTok Anymore

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat... and now TikTok. In our rapidly developing tech ecosystem, it seems a new app or social media platform pops up every day. Extending over many generations, consumers are constantly seeking out innovative and interesting places to connect with people and brands they love. What is TikTok?…

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    Evening the Playing Field: How to Market Sports to Gen Z

    Cracked the code of marketing to millennials? It’s time to move on. The next big undertaking for digital marketers is understanding Gen Z. The oldest members of this generation are entering the workforce for the first time, and even teens are bringing significant purchasing power with them—alongside a…

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    Top 6 Fan Marketing Highlights of the 2019 Playoffs

    It’s playoff time in the NBA and NHL. From the series-winning 3-point shot from Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lilliard to the Game 7 comeback from the San Jose Sharks, the playoffs have been packed with memorable #MyFanMoments. As the exhilarating seasons come to a close in both leagues, we're…

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    Pittsburgh Penguins Give Back with Record-Breaking Rink Upgrade Campaign

    In partnership with Pittsburgh Commercial Construction and the Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation, the Penguins awarded a $100,000 renovation to a deserving community rink while also building and connecting with their fan base. Goal: Advance the Game of Hockey through Partnership The Penguins and Pittsburgh Commercial Construction set out in Fall…

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    Fortnite vs. Apex Legends: Battle Royale

    In the age of micro-attention, which PvP game will wear the crown? Regardless of whether or not you play video games, I’d be surprised if you’ve never heard the name “Fortnite”. However, the latest gaming giant may be losing its hold. Developed by EA and set in the…

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    Super Bowl Commercials: Touchdown or Fumble? The $5 Million Dollar Question

    $175,000 per second. A grand total of $5,250,000 for a single 30-second slot. 30 seconds to capture your audience, share a compelling message, and move the customer further down the purchase funnel - all before the next ad starts and another business vies for their attention. For…

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    University of Florida Raises the Stakes with New Campaign

    In the midst of an impressive season, the Florida Gators provided thousands of fans the chance to attend a game at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium for only $10. Goal: Invite Fans to Experience Gators Football Firsthand UF Athletics wanted to provide a unique opportunity for Gators fans during the 2018…

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    University of Kentucky Delights Fans with "12 Days of Catsmas" Giveaway

    Putting a twist on the traditional “Twelve Days of Christmas”, the University of Kentucky delighted fans with 12 days of giveaways during the holidays. Goal: Celebrate the Holidays UK-style with Wildcats-inspired giveaways University of Kentucky Athletics wanted to keep fans engaged with the Wildcats during the holiday season. As a…

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    Top 13 Best Sports Activations of 2018

    Year after year, brand and sponsorship activations get more creative, capture more eyes, and attract more fans. It's challenging to activate fans in a meaningful way, but we created a checklist to help you optimize your efforts. As the year comes to end, we take a look back at the…

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    How to Protect Your Fans and Their Personal Data from Exploitation

    Full disclosure: Tradable Bits is a fan data platform that allows brands to collect, own and use their own fan data. Following Cambridge Analytica’s recent exploitation of fan data they collected through Facebook authentication, many fans and companies are justifiably concerned about data security. It is extremely important to…

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    Case Study: Dallas Mavericks Golden Dirk Bobblehunt

    In the run-up to the 2018-19 NBA Season, the Dallas Mavericks engaged and excited over 10K fans with a multi-week scavenger hunt, unlike any other. Goal: Engage Fans During the Off Season The Mavericks wanted to engage fans during the summer months ahead of the 2018-19 NBA Season. Additionally, the…

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    5 Ideas for a Fan Engagement Series

    Regular season is finally here! You made it through the summer, anticipation grew during the pre-season and now it's finally arrived. Although you're excited to execute the plans you developed during the off-season, it's important to refresh on the basics. Home runs are great, but it's often the singles and…

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    Tradable Bits on the Street: RBC GranFondo Whistler

    Cycling is big part of our company culture. In the thick of the summer season, we had over half of the entire team bike to work on a daily basis. From competitive cyclists to the daily commuter, our office is filled with biking enthusiasts who love the eco-friendly transportation method.…

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    Case Study in SEAT Magazine: Iowa State "Scratch & Win" Contest

    Iowa State Athletics cares deeply about their fan base, and thus was looking for creative ways to sell tickets without overtly promoting ticket sales. Although generic advertising campaigns may drive conversions, they fail to create an engaging fan experience - which is the Cyclone's main priority. Challenged with the task…

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    Columbus Blue Jackets Case Study: Engaging 10k Fans in 3 Days

    Attracting Fans with an "Enter to Win" Contest In the midst of an important playoff series, the Columbus Blue Jackets re-engaged and attracted thousands of new fans by holding a contest to win playoff tickets. GOAL: To Engage Inactive and Attract New Fans The Columbus Blue Jackets are a dark…

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    Webinar: 3 Stages of Data Strategy from Left + Right Brain Perspectives

    When you think about "data", are you using your left or right brain? Join us for our latest industry insider webinar on the "3 Stages of Data Strategy from Left and Right Brain Perspectives" on May 29, 2018 at 11:00AM PST. In this interactive webinar, you'll learn about the…

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    Magic Fan Moments: How to Use Data to Delight

    I was fuming. I’d paid hundreds of dollars for a VIP ticket I’d managed to snag just in time, with the help of four devices laid across my bedroom floor. I couldn’t wait to see my favourite artist in the flesh - and here I was, halfway…

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