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    Top 7 Ways to Reach Millennials in 2020

    So now you’re wondering, what’s this got to do with me? Millennials are the largest, yet youngest working cohort today, which makes them unlikely to have significant mortgages. This marks them as prime candidates to spend their disposable incomes- but only on things that appeal to them. 90%…

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    How VR/AR is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

    If you’ve ever been to a concert or festival, then you know the fun comes for a price. From the pain of waiting in line to get a drink, withholding from breathing while hitting the porta-potty, anxiously trying to find then stay in sight of your friends, dying phone…

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    How Music Artists Can Delight Fans with Data (Animated Infographic)

    Music fans are fickle - with millions of artists to choose from, how do you compete? Can you guide a fan on their journey from the first time they hear you, to becoming a lifelong super fan? How do you still do this when you have millions of fan relationships…

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    Can #ELXN42 Social Media Statistics Predict Canada's Next Leader?

    Politics can be overwhelming. Which media organizations should you trust? What do citizens really think of each party? Who is the most likely leader to win? These questions weigh on the minds of Canadians as they try to decide how to get involved; and the confusion often disuades people from…

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    INFOGRAPHIC: Game of Thrones Social Media Stats

    Game of Thrones slayed social media networks with its season five premiere. Listening to the roar of fan posts on every major network reveals favourite characters and pivotal moments in the highly anticipated release. Discover top trending posts, hashtags and characters in our Game of Thrones Social Media Stats Infographic,…

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    OSCARS INFOGRAPHIC: Social media stats from the 2015 Academy Awards

    The Academy Awards' social media stats deserve their own Oscar this year! We've compiled the best social media statistics into this Oscars 2015 infographic, which outlines the stories, stars and outcome of the iconic event. The Oscars social media stats also reveal the most influential people in the film industry,…

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    INFOGRAPHIC: Grammy Awards Social Media Statistics Unveil Music's True Winners

    The social media statistics from the 2015 Grammy Awards unveil the biggest stars in the music industry with just a little analysis. We saved you the headache of crunching numbers by creating this infographic of only the most important social media analytics from the 2015 Grammy's for your viewing and…

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    INFOGRAPHIC: Super Bowl 2015 Social Media Statistics Reveal Sports Industry Insights

    Editor's note: Looking for 2016 Super Bowl stats? Check out TheSocialBowl.com for ad wars, cheerleaders & more! The social media statistics for the 2015 Super Bowl reveal many important insights about The Big Game. Just paying attention to user-generated content surrounding #SB49 can tell us which social media networks…

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    Microbrew Your Marketing: How to Distill Your Best Social Leads

    Do you enjoy craft beer? Do you work in marketing? Then you'll love our latest infographic: Microbrew Your Marketing - The Art and Science of Distilling Your Social Following. Please feel free to share our infographic by clicking one of the social buttons below or by copying the URL in…

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    Infographic: How to Get Social Fans into Stadium Stands

    Converting social media fans to physical attendees is a constant challenge in the sports industry. How do you know which followers buy tickets? How do you identify and influence the ones that don't? And the big question: How do you get your millions of social media followers to actually attend…

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