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    Chatbot Basics 2: What are Stories?

    What Are Stories? Stories are prebuilt replies that your Fan Chatbot can use to chat with fans. Start by creating some basic stories for the bot. Go into your Bot configuration, click 'Setup' and then click the drop-down menu 'Stories'. You'll see a few pre-created basic stories you can edit…

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    Create a New Idol

    Ever wonder how many of your fans follow another page, competitor, celebrity or artist? There's no need to wonder if you set up an Idols list. Anytime someone participates in your campaign, our platform will cross reference their interests with your Idols list. If they follow someone from your Idols…

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    How to Setup a Sales Pixel on Ticketmaster

    Let's setup your sales pixel! Sales pixels allow us to track offline conversions and to follow a fan's journey from the moment that they click a TBits tracker link to the moment they purchase their tickets. All the information gets linked to their Fan Profile and allows you to connect…

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    Tradable Bits Fan Chatbot Dictionary of Terms

    We've created a handy guide to all the terms used in Tradable Bits Chatbots so you can better understand what they are and how they work! We're constantly adding to this list, so if you see a word that's missing please contact us and we'll be happy to add it.…

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    Stored vs. Collected vs. Approved Posts

    On your Stream, you'll notice many terms that apply to the content you collect. Below are the differences between Stored, Collected and Approved posts. STORED POST: Anything collected and not deleted by a rule or manually deleted by you. COLLECTED POST: Anything collected, even if deleted by a rule or…

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    Choosing a Stream Display

    Tradable Bits offers a variety of different Stream displays. Clients often ask which display they should choose. The answer to this depends on the Stream objective. Below, we've listed each display, their most common uses and an example of how it looks. Standalone/Iframe This widget will display your Stream…

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    Campaign Design Guidelines

    Before you start to build your campaign, it helps to have your graphics completed. Below we've compiled the image dimensions required for each campaign. We've also included some simple CSS styling. Enjoy! AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS Catalog Cover Photo Homepage (no image size requirements) Instagram Pinterest RSS Feed Slideshow Twitter YouTube ENGAGEMENT…

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    How to Retarget Customers Without Being a Creep

    Cookie-based retargeting was an online advertising game-changer. It was the best ad tech invention of the past five years. There's just one problem... it was also the worst ad tech invention of the past five years. When done right, retargeting is powerful. It can boost brand awareness among even the…

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