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    Case Study: We For She Conference Stream

    WOW-FACTOR 1,600,000+ people reached by the stories created by the 1500+ attendees of the We For She conference, spreading solutions for gender discrimination across the world. WE FOR SHE We For She 2016: Championing the Next Generation, was a conference in Vancouver that we sponsored on October 14,…

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    Can #ELXN42 Social Media Statistics Predict Canada's Next Leader?

    Politics can be overwhelming. Which media organizations should you trust? What do citizens really think of each party? Who is the most likely leader to win? These questions weigh on the minds of Canadians as they try to decide how to get involved; and the confusion often disuades people from…

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    Proud to be 100% Canadian on Canada Day

    Happy Canada Day! Although we serve millions of clients from all over the world and have a global vision for the future of social media, we are very proud to be Canadian. As part of our country’s birthday festivities we’re celebrating the fact that our company is 100%…

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    Cover Photo app celebrates Port Metro Vancouver's global reach

    Port Metro Vancouver’s Cover Photo app is helping them bring their international fans together for the holidays. Trevor Jurgens, Digital Communications Strategist, launched the interactive app as a way for Port Metro's fans to “pay forward to others and share the goodwill" with their friends and family on Facebook.…

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    Made in Canada: Forging Canadian Identity with New Technology - Techvibes.com

    Check out our latest article, published on Techvibes! Made in Canada: Forging Canadian Identity with New Technology - Techvibes.com How do you connect a sea of people across time, space and cultural differences?…

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