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    The Modern Sports Fan: 4 Personas for the Future

    Personalizing your marketing approach can have a significant impact on the bottom line. Studies show that 86% of buyers admit that personalization has some impact on what they purchase, and 25% say that a personalized approach ‘significantly influences’ their purchasing behaviour. At Tradable Bits, we believe in the importance of…

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    How to: Boost Ticket Sales for Next Year's Festival

    Having all of your most dedicated fans in the same place at the same time is a benefit exclusive to annual events like music festivals. To take advantage of this data extravaganza, it is critical to identify the most valuable data and develop strategies to collect it. The information collected…

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    How to Reach Millennials in 2019

    Entitled, impatient, and narcissistic. A few words you’ll often hear when you ask for a description of a “millennial” (by other generations!). We hear the buzzword again and again, but why should we as businesses care? Well, we believe it’s time to add this age cohort to the…

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    8 Fan-Based Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

    Although new technologies launch every year, one thing remains the same in 2019: the need to find, capture and keep your fans’ attention. As the digital landscape constantly evolves, we can expect some major shifts in fan-based marketing in 2019. Let’s take a look at the major trends that…

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    How to Protect Your Fans and Their Personal Data from Exploitation

    Full disclosure: Tradable Bits is a fan data platform that allows brands to collect, own and use their own fan data. Following Cambridge Analytica’s recent exploitation of fan data they collected through Facebook authentication, many fans and companies are justifiably concerned about data security. It is extremely important to…

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    How To Create Audiences From Fan CRM

    After you have successfully captured fan data in your Fan CRM, you can now create audiences and sync them every hour to Facebook, Twitter, Google and more! Below are the steps to create an audience and sync it with your preferred social media platform. Step 1) Create your filter in…

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    Everything You Need to Know Before Launching a Spotify Audio Ad

    Coming soon! Direct buying of Spotify ads through the Tradable Bits platform. Stay tuned... You may know Spotify as the music streaming service that enchanted music lovers around the globe. However, Spotify is quickly becoming the advertising platform captivating marketing professionals as well. Spotify has 217 million monthly active users,…

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    How to Create a Festival Lineup Your Fans will Love

    Music and arts festivals were in full swing this summer, with millions of music lovers converging in respective cities for fun weekends and lifelong memories. As the festival season comes to a close, planning has already begun for next year! One of the best ways for your festival to stand…

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    5 Ideas for a Fan Engagement Series

    Regular season is finally here! You made it through the summer, anticipation grew during the pre-season and now it's finally arrived. Although you're excited to execute the plans you developed during the off-season, it's important to refresh on the basics. Home runs are great, but it's often the singles and…

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    The Fan Activation Checklist: 5 Things to Consider

    Fan activation. At first glance, it seems like a fancier term for fan engagement. In a sense, that's true, but true activation is much more complex. What is Fan Activation? When you think about the word activate, think about the Transformers. Each one starts out as an ordinary car, and…

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    5 Reasons Why eSports is a Game-Changer

    The gaming culture has existed for decades. From Space Invaders to Fortnite, complexity has certainly changed but the inherent competitiveness amongst players has always remained the same. As the industry has evolved, so too have the perceptions towards video games. For the dedicated gamers, it's moved far beyond just a…

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    Enhancing the Fan Experience with Augmented Reality

    An Introduction to Augmented Reality Snapchat changed the tech landscape when it first introduced augmented reality (AR) into its rapidly expanding multimedia messaging app. The ability to paste a virtual mask on a person's face, then have it adapt to different facial movements was now an accessible experience... and everyone…

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    5 Ways Captive WiFi Portals Can Help You Market Smarter

    Picture yourself as a new fan of a local sports team. Your friend recently offered you two tickets to an upcoming playoff game, which you happily accepted. This is your first time inside the arena and you're amazed at the atmosphere. As the intermission begins, you take out your phone…

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    Why Facebook Interest Data is Flawed and How Spotify Fixed It

    This is an opinion editorial by Tradable Bits and does not reflect the opinion of Spotify or Facebook Every time you go online, you generate "interest" data. Interest data is any personally identifiable data point that indicates someone is interested in a particular brand, topic or idea. It's what powers…

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    Webinar: 3 Stages of Data Strategy from Left + Right Brain Perspectives

    When you think about "data", are you using your left or right brain? Join us for our latest industry insider webinar on the "3 Stages of Data Strategy from Left and Right Brain Perspectives" on May 29, 2018 at 11:00AM PST. In this interactive webinar, you'll learn about the…

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    How Tradable Bits is Adapting to Facebook API and Terms Changes

    UPDATE on Nov 28, 2018: We have a solution that allows you to collect Instagram posts by mention and hashtag. From our inception, we’ve always prioritized first-party data explicitly collected by our clients so they can personalize their fan experience. Since early March, Facebook has been updating their APIs…

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    Magic Fan Moments: How to Use Data to Delight

    I was fuming. I’d paid hundreds of dollars for a VIP ticket I’d managed to snag just in time, with the help of four devices laid across my bedroom floor. I couldn’t wait to see my favourite artist in the flesh - and here I was, halfway…

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    Webinar: How to Create a Branded Chatbot in 5 Easy Steps

    Want to create a branded Facebook Messenger bot for your fans, but don't know how to start? Join us as we walk through the five simple steps to crafting your Fan Chatbot on February 27, 2018 at 1:00PM PST. "How to Create a Branded Chatbot in 5 Easy Steps"…

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    8 Breaking Changes Impacting Music Brands in 2018 (TechVibes Feature)

    2018 - the year we've all been waiting for with grave anticipation - will revolutionize the music industry. We're sure you all have questions about what's to come: Who will become more powerful: artists, streaming platforms or labels? How might cryptocurrencies and blockchain impact the business? What will live music…

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    Webinar: Music Festival Marketing Plan for Data-Driven Digital Ads

    You're invited to our latest industry insider webinar: "Music Festival Marketing Plan for Data-Driven Digital Ads" on December 12, 2017 at 10:00AM PST. Join us as we explore our data-driven roadmap for music festivals to sell more tickets, engage with fans and impress sponsors - all with digital ads.…

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