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    Tips for Advertising on Spotify

    Spotify is the world's largest streaming platform. It boasts one of the most prolific collections of music in history, and also has a massive collection of podcasts and other audio content. With more than 286 million monthly active users, and 156 million of those being monthly active ad-supported users, the…

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    Fortnite Success Redefines the Virtual Concert Experience

    As virtual live performances/concerts/music events grow in popularity, music fans are getting new immersive experiences with the artists and performers that they love. This new deeper integration and interactive mix between online music performances and video games has effectively turned the traditional music fan experience on its head.…

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    Fan Marketing Trends You Can't Ignore

    Technology and trends are constantly changing, so it can be challenging to know what you should focus your marketing efforts on. However, one thing remains true in 2020: the need to find, capture and keep your fans' attention. Here are some major trends to give you 20/20 vision on…

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    How to Keep Music Fans Engaged During Cancelled Events

    As we’re all coming to grips with the magnitude and impact of COVID-19 around the world, as well as getting used to self-isolation, the music and live entertainment industries are facing the unprecedented challenge of maintaining fan engagement in the wake of cancelled and postponed music festivals, concerts, performances,…

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    Our Predictions for the Next Decade of Fan Marketing

    “Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind? Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne?” With the passing of another year, we have turned the page from 2019 to 2020, and with that, we enter into a brand new decade. Looking back over the past 10…

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    Songs That Went Viral On TikTok in 2019

    TikTok is an addictive app that has rapidly grown to worldwide prominence since it first launched in September 2016. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world; with over 800 million monthly active users making it one of the world's top ten social networks. TikTok's mission…

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    SMS Campaign Best Practices

    Marketers are constantly seeking new ways to reach fans, and running SMS campaigns is an effective way to reach people wherever they are in a relatively quick manner. SMS campaigns are growing in popularity and quickly becoming the new way to market to both music and sports fans alike. Why…

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    12 Days of Holiday Campaign Ideas for Music Fans This Holiday Season

    On the 1st day of Christmas, my favourite festival gave to me... free passes for VIP! That's right marketing peeps, your favourite time of year is here and fans are primed to buy tickets and merch over the holidays. You don't want to be left in the snow by big…

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    70 Last-Minute Holiday Contest Ideas with Easy Templates

    T'was the month before the holidays and all through your team, there was nothing but panic - you might even scream. But before you get hung up on holiday fear... don't worry, we've got you! T-Bits is here. We've compiled our biggest list of winter holiday-themed social media contest ideas…

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    Beyond Games: How Twitch is Ready to Explode in the Music & Sports Industry

    Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live, it seems like everyone is integrating live streaming into their platforms. Yet, there is one live streaming giant that is beginning to take on the entertainment industry by storm, and it goes by the name of Twitch. This platform has become very popular for…

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    7 Ways to Engage With Your Fans During Events

    Let's paint you a picture; your fan has bought a ticket to see their favourite musician or sports team and have been waiting for this day for weeks - maybe months - until finally the day of the event has arrived. They are ready for an experience that they'll be…

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    How the Music Industry is Changing

    The rapid growth of technology has changed the way that the music industry runs. From the distribution to the consumption, it is constantly changing how consumers listen to music. The Present (c/o James Owen, Unsplash) In 2019, musicians are still struggling to create a name for themselves and to…

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    Why You Can't Ignore TikTok Anymore

    Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat... and now TikTok. In our rapidly developing tech ecosystem, it seems a new app or social media platform pops up every day. Extending over many generations, consumers are constantly seeking out innovative and interesting places to connect with people and brands they love. What is TikTok?…

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    How to: Boost Ticket Sales for Next Year's Festival

    Having all of your most dedicated fans in the same place at the same time is a benefit exclusive to annual events like music festivals. To take advantage of this data extravaganza, it is critical to identify the most valuable data and develop strategies to collect it. The information collected…

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    The Ultimate Festival Checklist

    The sun is shining and the birds are singing… which means its almost festival season. In 2019, free swag bags, branded VR filters, and photo booths are at the most basic level of fan activation. Nielsen’s Music 360 Report conducted a survey where 49% of people answered that they…

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    What We Learned at Pollstar Live! 2019

    Pollstar Live! is the world’s largest gathering of live entertainment professionals, and brings together all stakeholders in entertainment including agents, venue managers, promoters, artists and more. This two-day conference celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2019 with speakers like Dan Berkowitz from CID Entertainment and Andy Bernstein from HeadCount. This…

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    How VR/AR is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

    If you’ve ever been to a concert or festival, then you know the fun comes for a price. From the pain of waiting in line to get a drink, withholding from breathing while hitting the porta-potty, anxiously trying to find then stay in sight of your friends, dying phone…

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    8 Fan-Based Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

    Although new technologies launch every year, one thing remains the same in 2019: the need to find, capture and keep your fans’ attention. As the digital landscape constantly evolves, we can expect some major shifts in fan-based marketing in 2019. Let’s take a look at the major trends that…

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    How to do “influencer marketing” without lighting your brand on FYRE

    If the FYRE fiasco taught us anything, it’s that “Instagram Influencers” are full of kombucha-powered crap. Being hot and on a yacht does not make you a good judge of a quality product. Even if it did, an “influencer” being paid to endorse something does not mean they’re…

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    How Music Artists Can Delight Fans with Data (Animated Infographic)

    Music fans are fickle - with millions of artists to choose from, how do you compete? Can you guide a fan on their journey from the first time they hear you, to becoming a lifelong super fan? How do you still do this when you have millions of fan relationships…

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