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    Guide to: The Best Image Sizes for Ads on Social Media

    Make the most out of your ads by using the most optimal sizes for the major social media platforms! Facebook Images Size (recommended): Highest resolution available 1080 x 1080 pixels (minimum) Aspect Ratios: 1.91:1 to 4:5 *some 4:5 ratios might run into problems at the moment…

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    Top 6 Fan Marketing Highlights of the 2019 Playoffs

    It’s playoff time in the NBA and NHL. From the series-winning 3-point shot from Portland Trail Blazers’ Damian Lilliard to the Game 7 comeback from the San Jose Sharks, the playoffs have been packed with memorable #MyFanMoments. As the exhilarating seasons come to a close in both leagues, we're…

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    Super Bowl Commercials: Touchdown or Fumble? The $5 Million Dollar Question

    $175,000 per second. A grand total of $5,250,000 for a single 30-second slot. 30 seconds to capture your audience, share a compelling message, and move the customer further down the purchase funnel - all before the next ad starts and another business vies for their attention. For…

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    How to Protect Your Fans and Their Personal Data from Exploitation

    Full disclosure: Tradable Bits is a fan data platform that allows brands to collect, own and use their own fan data. Following Cambridge Analytica’s recent exploitation of fan data they collected through Facebook authentication, many fans and companies are justifiably concerned about data security. It is extremely important to…

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    How to Test if Digital Ads Make You More Sales (Attribution Explained)

    The most common question businesses ask before investing in digital ads is: does my ad spend actually result in more sales? Broad attribution windows, complex tracking technology and the plethora of overblown “success stories” available online has led to well-deserved skepticism of digital attribution. Although we typically see 1.5-4.…

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    Everything You Need to Know Before Launching a Spotify Audio Ad

    Coming soon! Direct buying of Spotify ads through the Tradable Bits platform. Stay tuned... You may know Spotify as the music streaming service that enchanted music lovers around the globe. However, Spotify is quickly becoming the advertising platform captivating marketing professionals as well. Spotify has 217 million monthly active users,…

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    8 Breaking Changes Impacting Music Brands in 2018 (TechVibes Feature)

    2018 - the year we've all been waiting for with grave anticipation - will revolutionize the music industry. We're sure you all have questions about what's to come: Who will become more powerful: artists, streaming platforms or labels? How might cryptocurrencies and blockchain impact the business? What will live music…

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    Webinar: Music Festival Marketing Plan for Data-Driven Digital Ads

    You're invited to our latest industry insider webinar: "Music Festival Marketing Plan for Data-Driven Digital Ads" on December 12, 2017 at 10:00AM PST. Join us as we explore our data-driven roadmap for music festivals to sell more tickets, engage with fans and impress sponsors - all with digital ads.…

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    Case Study: Lollapalooza Music Festival VIP Ads

    Selling VIP Tickets with Targeted Ads Lollapalooza Music Festival sold premium tickets for 15X ROAS with hyper-targeted ads. Knowing the artist affinity + psychographics of their fans revealed the best leads for VIP. GOAL: Find and Convert Leads for Premium Tickets Lollapalooza is legendary among music festivals for selling out of…

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    Ask an Expert: Sean Callanan of Sports Geek Talks Fan-Based Marketing for Sports

    After 15 years in IT development, Sean Callanan followed his passion for sports and technology by starting Sports Geek. His agency connects sports, fans, and sponsors using technology. He started the active and exclusive SportsBiz Slack Community, which hosts and connects over a thousand sports executives. His Sports Geek Podcast…

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    Case Study: Governors Ball Music Festival Ads

    Expanding Ad Audiences with Artist Interest Data By automatically segmenting their fans by artist affinity, Governors Ball Music Festival scaled personalization of their Facebook ads to over 7.3 million qualified leads, earning them 47X ROI over their six-month campaign. GOAL: Reach New Fans with Artist Affinity Governors Ball is…

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    SEAT Panel Announcement: What Sports Can Learn from Music's Biggest Players

    We’re excited to announce our upcoming expert panel featuring our CEO + cofounder, Darshan Kaler and the Director of Marketing Analytics + Technology at C3 Presents, Eric Klein. These experts in data-backed marketing for events are sharing their insight with the sports industry at the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology…

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    Case Study: Bonnaroo Festival Social Ads

    Selling Out Tickets with Personalized Social Ads By personalizing their online experience, Bonnaroo Music + Arts Festival only paid to reach the most qualified leads and their friends, earning them 147X ROI through their entire six-month campaign. GOAL: Sell Tickets to True Fans + their Friends Bonnaroo Arts + Music Festival values their…

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    Case Study: Dallas Mavericks Social Ads

    Turning Ads into Fan Stories By targeting fans and their friends with relatable promoted posts instead of aggressive ticket ads, the Dallas Mavericks earned more sales while maintaining a positive brand experience. GOAL: Boost Ticket Sales with Narrative Video Ads The Dallas Mavericks know that fans go to their games…

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    Entry Forms: The Worst Marketing Fail Since Weight Loss Banner Ads

    What’s more ineffective and annoying than a weight loss banner ad? Unauthenticated entry forms. Don’t know what unauthenticated entry forms are? Then keep reading because you’re 100% using them. Before you remind us that every one of our 30+ Campaign templates has an entry form - notably…

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    10 Terrible Facebook Ads You Better Not Pay to Promote

    Facebook just announced they’ve cracked AdBlock software on Desktop, and can now prevent users from hiding advertisements. Their update comes with revamped ad preferences that give users the power to punish bad ads - lifting the blanket opt-out while putting the fate of advertisers in the hands of their…

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    Case Study: Vancouver Whitecaps FC Targeted Social Ads

    Filling Stadium Stands with Friends of Fans Leveraging the social networks of their loyal ticket buyers, Vancouver Whitecaps FC expanded their reach with microtargeted Facebook ads to the friends of 'Caps fans, earning nine times more sales per ad dollar spent. Everyone Attends Games with Friends Sports events are inherently…

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    What are Facebook Canvas Ads? (Spoiler Alert: They're Amazing)

    If you haven't heard of Facebook's new Canvas Ad Format yet - prepare to be amazed. Since late last year, whispers of a new groundbreaking ad format that allows users to experience, watch and buy product all within the Facebook app have been floating around marketing forums. If you're an…

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    How to Save on Facebook Ads During the Holidays

    Social ad targeting can be brutally expensive during the holidays. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter turn into a blizzard of self-promoting brand posts and advertisements the second Halloween strikes midnight. Brands are predicted to spend $23.68 billion on social ads this year. Add that to the unpaid promotional content every…

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    Case Study: Tourism Whistler Targeted Ads

    Peaking Ad Performance with Fan Data By targeting true fans of Whistler, BC using Tradable Bits Optimized Ad Audiences, Tourism Whistler reached 156,000+ new leads and improved their ad conversion rate to 45% for every person who clicked. Authentically Engage Travellers Stunning natural beauty and the sheer diversity of…

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