Setup a Basic DoubleClick Pixel on Ticketmaster

If you just received an email from your Tradable Bits account manager about installing a DoubleClick pixel on your Ticketmaster site, we're here to help. Use the code provided in the email and follow these instructions:

1) Log into your Ticketmaster One account

2) Navigate to your Pixels area and select 'Add New Pixel Tracking'

3) Select today as the start date and February 28, 2023 as the end date

4) For Channel, select 'Account Manager' and then under Account select the correct account name where you want this pixel installed

5) For Page Type, select 'Landing Pages' and 'Purchasing Pages'

6) Scroll down and select pixel vendor 'DoubleClick'

7) After selecting DoubleClick as your pixel vendor you will select 'Counter' as the pixel type. Scroll down and you'll see three entry field options

8) For Advertiser ID you'll want to find the number in the code you were sent that is beside "src="

9) For Group Tag String find the name next to "type=" within the code you were sent

10) For Activity Tag String copy the name next to "cat=" from within the pixel code you were sent

11) For Counting Method select 'Standard' and scroll down to Custom Parameters

12) For each custom parameter, you will select a U# from the left hand dropdown menu and then a corresponding title from the right hand dropdown menu.

Custom Parameters:

  1. U2 - Page Name
  2. U4 - Page URL
  3. U5 - Page Referrer
  4. U6 - Event ID
  5. U7 - Event Name
  6. U10 - Artist Name
  7. U12 - Venue Name
  8. U13 - Venue ID

13) Now click the 'Save Pixel Tracking' button. You're all done!

Email your account specialist or contact the following day to confirm that the pixel has been setup correctly and is firing.

by Tradable Bits

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