Setting Up In Person Activation Campaigns to Protect Fan Data

If you're planning an on-site activations using our Engagement Campaigns tool, here are some important things to know. Whether on an iPad or a large touchscreen, you will want to make sure to protect your fans' data as they enter your contest. We've created some custom Javascript to help your team ensure that the device that fans are entering their information on doesn't save any of that information to the device. Follow the instructions below to set it up:

1) Copy this Javascript:

$(document).ready(function(){ $("#splash-page").find("img").attr("src","/fb_media/556ad331-dce3-420f-a57f-f56ea3294a68"); $("#splash-page").find("img").show(100); $('.photopoll-image').attr('onclick', ''); });

$(document).ready(function(){ showOptionDetails = function(one,two){
return false; };


2) Go into your Tradable Bits account and navigate to the campaign you have set up to be used on-site. Scroll to the bottom and click on 'Optional Setup'.

3) Once inside 'Optional Setup', scroll down to find the Custom Javascript section and paste the Javascript that you copied into the black area.

4) Remember to save the campaign after you've added it in!

Now you're good to go. Always remember to test your campaign a few times on the same device to verify that it doesn't save your information and autofill the fields after your first entry. If the Custom Javascript doesn't seem to be working, please contact and we will help you resolve the issue.

by Tradable Bits

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