Platform Updates 4.2.1

New Features

  • Search Bar in Video/Photo/Stream Contests - Once a Video/Photo/Stream contest has 10 entries or more, a search bar will appear above the entries so that your team or fans can search for a specific entry.
  • Campaign Customization Across All Campaigns - You can fully brand your campaigns without any Custom CSS needed! Towards the bottom of each campaign Setup page, there is now a section called 'Optional Theme Customization'. Within this you can add in your exact branded colours for almost every feature within the campaign, as well as adding in a background image for the campaign rather than a static colour.
  • Postal Code Lookup in Tickets/Fan CRM - Within Fan CRM or within Tickets you can now add postal code information and to help narrow your geographic targeting.
  • Platform Public Page Redesign - The Tradable Bits Platform Page has been completely redesigned and looks stunning! If you haven't seen it yet, check it out:
  • Select Call to Action When Creating Facebook Ad - Select which Call to Action button you would like on your Facebook Ad when creating the ad within the Tradable Bits platform.
  • Search/Segment Fan CRM by Price Level - Easily segment audiences or search through your Fan CRM by ticket price levels now.
  • Eloqua Integration - You can now integrate your Eloqua email endpoint with our platform and push over the records of any fans that enter contests through your Tradable Bits account and subscribe to receive email updates.


  • Postal Code Info in Fan CRM/Tickets – Within the Fan CRM Search you can now add postal code information and search your Filter Group Names as well as the individual Filter names.
  • Add Tags to Fan CRM Data Import - When importing fan data into the Tradable Bits platform, you can now automatically add tags to the imported fans to classify what fan data was imported.
  • Daily Win Limit and Total Win Limit on Instant Win - The Instant Win campaign not only has a total win limit but it also has a daily win limit! This will help make sure that you're total number of prizes last the full amount of days of your campaign.
  • Social Shares Segmented by Channel - Previously social shares were an accumulated number within the campaign stats. Now you can view the individual share numbers between Twitter and Facebook. This will provide further insights into the channels that your fans favour and where you're gaining more traction for social.
  • Birthdate and Location Exported from Campaign - When exporting results from a campaign you will now automatically receive the birthdate and location information in the export. This creates a more unified export of data and makes it easier for your team to analyze the campaign results.
  • Spotify API Pulls in Artists Images for Lineup Predictor - Our partnership with Spotify has allowed us to sync Idols directly with Spotify. For Lineup Predictor we are able to directly pull the official Spotify profile pictures for artists into the campaign.
  • Explanation When Creating a Tag With A Space in the Title - Tag titles with spaces in them now show a clearer error message, explaining that the title contains a space that must be removed or replaced with an underscore.
  • Back Button Removed for Facebook and Twitter Ads - Campaigns will no longer duplicate. Removing the back button for Facebook and Twitter ads creates a clearer process for ads creation.

Bugs Squashed

  • Search Bar Will Not Display Until 10+ Entries in Contest – The Search bar feature in the Video/Photo/Stream Contests will only display once you have reached 10 or more entries in the campaign.
  • Birthdate Displays no Information Until Collected – Birthdate fields within Fan CRM will now remain blank until accurate birthdate information is collected from one of your campaigns or imported via a CSV file.

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