Monthly Press + Social Mentions (May 2016)

Monthly Press and Social Media Mentions for Tradable Bits - May 2016

Thank you to everyone who mentioned us this month! Here's a summary of the great things people were saying about Tradable Bits in May of 2016...


Off to a great start at #SMCamp in beautiful Victoria. Come find @lennyg and @emilysarataylor!

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Social Media Camp: Gold Sponsor of Canada's Biggest Social Media Conference; "The Power of Social Media for Government" workshop host.

Bosco Anthony: Digital Adaptive Content (Game Changing Trends for content distribution platforms) talk at Social Media Camp, featuring our Digital Marketing Manager, Emily.

RED Academy: The Future of Jobs panel, featuring Tradable Bits, Briteweb, 6S Marketing, Drive Digital and Noise Digital.


Sports Geek Podcast featuring Vancouver Whitecaps and Tradable Bits

Sports Geek: Vancouver Whitecaps powering fan data through Tradable Bits by Sean Callanan


Sharedesk article on Red Academy Future of Jobs

Sharedesk: RED Academy: Future of Jobs Panel recap by Mara Falstein

Newsletter Log

Newsletter Log: Vancouver Whitecaps powering fan data through Tradable Bits by Sean Callanan

Social Media Shoutouts

Thank you to the following people for the awesome conversations this month (in no particular order):


Theatre Under the Stars

Laura Murray PR

Sports Geek



RED Academy


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