How to Create Tags With Smart Filters

Tags with Smart Filters are useful for creating a specific set of conditions that tag anyone that meet the criteria. You can use these to automatically collect fans under a single tag to push to your brand's email endpoint.

  1. Go into Fan CRM > People.

  2. Use the search criteria to create a set of conditions for the audience you want (If you have questions on how to do this please email

  3. Click the Search button to see if this number matches what you've seen and double check the audience members to confirm.

  4. Create a filter name and save the filter (We recommend coming up with a clear and short naming convention for your filters).

  5. Now that you have your filter, go into Fan CRM > Setup > Tags.

  6. Create a new tag name (all lowercase and no spaces). DON'T SAVE IT YET!

  7. Make sure to select the smart filter that you created from the dropdown menu.

  8. Now save your tag!

You can now select that smart filter tag for your email endpoint list. For further inquiries please contact

by Tradable Bits

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