How to Create + Analyze Snapshots

Snapshots can be used to compare the same filter but at two different time periods, or different filters at the same time. They are an excellent way to provide value to a sponsor by showing fan data before your event or contest and then compare it to a snapshot from after your event or contest.

1) Go into the Search section of Fan CRM and create your filter.

2) Once you've clicked to search for fans with your conditions, click the Snapshot button. This will save the stats on that filter for that moment in time.

3) Come back to that same filter at a later date and create another Snapshot by clicking the Snapshot button again.

4) To compare the two Snapshots, go into the Filters section of Fan CRM.

5) Select the earlier Snapshot from the first dropdown menu and then select the later Snapshot from the second dropdown menu.

6) Click "Analyze" to compare your filter at two different points in time and view how the stats or fans have changed.

by Tradable Bits

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