How to Create a Festival Lineup Your Fans will Love

Music and arts festivals were in full swing this summer, with millions of music lovers converging in respective cities for fun weekends and lifelong memories. As the festival season comes to a close, planning has already begun for next year!

One of the best ways for your festival to stand out from the masses is to have a lineup your fans need to see. From headliners down to supporting acts, artists are a primary factor in a fan's decision whether or not to buy tickets.

Even if you hit it out of the park with the festival's theme and supplementary experience, an awesome list of performers can take the event from good to great. Creating a lineup your fans will love isn't a walk in the park, but two of our engagement campaigns can make the planning significantly easier!

1. Lineup Predictor

The Lineup Predictor is a unique affinity-based campaign designed to help you organize your lineup before it's announced. Whether you want fans to predict the lineup or tell you who they want to see, this campaign is all about their feedback.

Fans can search for any artist or comedian to add to "their lineup". If fans authenticate with Spotify, the tool auto-suggests acts based on the their recent listening history, which makes it easy to participate with minimal effort. Because fans enter their own responses, feedback goes beyond just the artists you're planning to bring - including under-the-radar performers that you may not have considered.

Tradable Bits Lineup Predictor Campaign

2. Yay or Nay

Gain valuable insights into your fans' artist affinity with this highly engaging campaign with a... "familiar" user experience. ;) Invite your fans to rate artists you're considering bringing to your event to see what they think of your lineup before it launches.

Simply select your artists and our platform automatically connects their Spotify pages to the campaign. In a Tinder-like interface, fans swipe right for "Yay" or left for "Nay". Once fans rate the minimum requirement, they're presented with a summarized list and insights into how their responses compare to their friends.

Tradadble Bits Yay or Nay Campaign

With our Spotify social login activations, fans can choose to share their listening preferences with your brand so you can create events they're sure to love. As fans rate the artists, our affinity analytics reveal popular acts so you can make data-backed decisions about who to feature at your event.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today to start planning your best lineup yet!

by Tradable Bits

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