How To Create Audiences From Fan CRM

After you have successfully captured fan data in your Fan CRM, you can now create audiences and sync them every hour to Facebook, Twitter, Google and more!
Below are the steps to create an audience and sync it with your preferred social media platform.

Step 1) Create your filter in the Tradable Bits Fan CRM using the criteria you want to include in your audience or in your Facebook Lookalike (LAL) audience. Once created, name the filter and click "Create Audience".

Step 2) Select your Facebook ad account from the dropdown menu and set the audience expiration date. Once completed, click "Save". Your Facebook audience is now synced with Facebook Business Manager.

Step 3) To create a Twitter audience, follow the above steps, but select your Twitter ad account from the drop-down, set the expiration date, and click "Save".

Step 4) To create a Facebook Lookalike audience, follow the same steps as above and check the "Create a 1% Facebook Lookalike" button in the setup.

You have now successfully created new audiences for your social media ads and synced them with the appropriate ad accounts. Your audiences will update every hour, keeping your targeting fresh. If you have questions, or would like more information on creating audiences contact your Account Specialist or contact

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