How to: Boost Ticket Sales for Next Year's Festival

Having all of your most dedicated fans in the same place at the same time is a benefit exclusive to annual events like music festivals. To take advantage of this data extravaganza, it is critical to identify the most valuable data and develop strategies to collect it. The information collected can help you understand your fanbase, and adjusting your advertising and festival experiences accordingly will boost new year's ticket sales.

We’ve developed a simple guide that outlines the five types of fan data and explains how you can capture it during your festival.

It’s as easy as ABC!

The “ABCD’S” of Festival Fan Data

Affinity Data

Do your fans love the Foo Fighters or Kendrick Lamar? Do they prefer Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Whether it’s an artist or a brand, knowing your fans’ affinities will help you personalize your outreach. This information can help you create better lineup and sponsorship choices next year.

If you use related artist algorithms, with only a few known idols you can easily find related interests of your fans.

Behaviour Data

What actions did your fans take while at your festival? Did they enter the merchandise store a few times? Did they attend a particular genre of performances more than others? Did they do everything with their friends or split up for particular acts? Tracking your fans’ behaviour can help you determine what parts of your event was the most important to fans.

By tracking trends, you can see where fans spent their time and possibly determine your fans' emotional attribution. Emotional attribution is the social or emotional reason why a fan participated (or didn't participate) in a given action. This information is critical to understand purchase motivators and can help you improve advertising next year. For instance, understanding that a big reason your fans attend is to simply spend time with their partner will help you refine your ad creative and targeting for next year.

Contact Data

Contact data includes any information that can be used to contact a fan directly: phone numbers, email addresses and/or social profiles. Even if you don’t intend to send direct messages or emails, contact data can give you a better understanding of your fans through complete CRM profiles. For example, phone numbers can be used to discern location and emails can be used to identify age group (.edu versus would indicate a student versus an older fan).

If you want to develop a relationship with your fans, you need to respect their privacy while collecting this data. Customers won't just share this information with anyone. Fortunately, you’re a music festival that your fans trust. Your attendees genuinely want to hear from you and are thus primed to welcome you into their inbox, phones and social media messages.

Demographic Data

Did your fans travel from out of state, province or country? Are your attendees predominantly male or female? Do you attract an older or younger crowd? All of this demographic data will enable you to understand your market and generate more accurate lookalike audiences.

Demographic data is factual information about your fans like age, gender, home country/city, current location, income and more. Although demographics are the most basic of all the fan data types, they help you reveal who your current attendees are and what their interests may be.

Social Data

Social data is more than merely social IDs. It includes your fans’ social influence, friend connections as well as integrated social profiles.

Social influence is your fans’ clout on social media. If your fan has high social influence, this means they are highly active with many followers. Targeting social boosts towards these individuals will grant you more organic social lift for less!

Friend connections are another important aspect of social data. Most people don't attend a festival by themselves - events are typically a group affair. If one friend is interested in attending the festival, their friends have a high chance of being interested as well! Friend connection data enables you to reach friends of fans in future promotions.

Integrated social profiles link fans across their various social accounts. By collecting social data, it becomes easier for your system to match Twitter, Instagram and Facebook profiles to a single individual.

How to Collect + Activate Fan Data During Your Festival

1. Interactive Social Displays

Tradable Bits Interactive Social Display

Data Earned:
*Affinity Data
*Social Data

Digital signage is a must at music festivals for engagement, directions and scheduling. So why not add a user-generated-content social display to the mix? When fans post about your festival on social media, this information can be aggregated into an interactive social display. With the Tradable Bits "Tower", all these posts can be displayed on a large screen for attendees to see, which in turn encourages engagement.

These displays also allow you to collect valuable information about your fans. For example, attendees' posts on social media can indicate how they feel about artists and the lineup (affinity data). Comments can show what booths fans enjoyed and which activations were most praised (behavioural data). Posts that draw a lot of engagement can reveal high-status social influencers (social data).

As an added bonus, social displays allow festivals to collect photos and videos created by fans. You can leverage this content for future social media posts and promotional materials (just don’t forget to follow appropriate UGC attribution rules).

2. CRM-Linked Wristbands

Tradable Bits - CRM Linked Wrist Band

Data Earned:
*Affinity Data
*Behaviour Data
*Contact Data
*Demographic Data
*Social Data

Digital wristbands are a win-win for fans and festivals. They make the entire experience seamless and convenient for fans while providing festivals with valuable data.

The registration process to receive wristbands is a great chance for organizer's to collect fan data. Required registration information may include contact, demographic, and social information.

Furthermore, digital wristbands often include an option for fans to connect their credit cards so they can use their wristband for purchases. This purchase data is a direct reflection of both affinity and behavioural data. Did your fans purchase a lot of Budweiser beer? Did they buy plenty of food and merchandise?

All of this information can be accurately tracked with digital wristbands and linked to your fans' CRM profile. This can uncover insights such as high-spending groups and fan interests so you can customize next year's ads and adapt your festival's experiences.

Further, digital wristbands uncover fans’ affinities towards sponsors. Imagine being able to confidently state that “fans bought $36,000 of your food and/or merchandise and 70% of the purchasers were male while the other 30% were female.” This purchase data impresses sponsors and can help you attract more sponsors for next year.

3. Social Login for WiFi

Social Login for Wifi - Tradable Bits Festival Fan Data

Data Earned:
*Contact Data
*Social Data

WiFi today is a necessity for today's fans. We live in a hyper-connected world and demand an internet connection wherever we go. Providing free WiFi will not only delight fans but also offers an opportunity for you to collect fan data. Enter: Social Login for WiFi.

Instead of the conventional WiFi password, an authenticated social login for WiFi offers a streamlined solution for fans and festivals.

Fans can choose to share key data points such as age, gender, interests, email, connected friends, and location when they authenticate with a social login. Festivals can use this information to better understand their fans so they can improve their experience and cater their communication.

4. Personalized Schedules

Personalized Schedule - Tradable Bits Festival Fan Data

Data Earned:
*Affinity Data
*Demographic Data
*Contact Data
*Social Data

With so many stages and performances, fans understand that they can't see everything at your festival. Therefore, each attendee’s ideal festival timeline is as unique as their identity.

Offering fans the opportunity to create their own personalized schedule will make it easier for them to get the most of their experience. Fans can create personalized schedules through an application that uses social and affinity data to discern their music preferences.

Understanding which artists your fans want to see most will provide valuable affinity data. Plus, by requiring a contact form with demographic fields or social authorization to sign up, festivals can collect these contact and social data points as well.

A particularly useful choice for social login on a schedule builder is a Spotify authentication. This not only makes selection easier for fans, it allows them to share their music preferences with you so you can cater your event to your own fans' affinity.

5. App Location Data

App Location Data - Tradable Bits Festival fan Data

Data Earned:
*Affinity Data
*Behaviour Data
*Contact Data
*Social Data

Were your fans running back and forth between Hozier and Tiesto? Did they stay for an hour in the merchandise store? Did they wait in line for the Sommersby Bouncy Castle? App location data can answer these questions.

As music festivals move towards integrating all their event information into one easy-to-use app, providing a digital map is an essential feature. With enabled location data, fans benefit by never missing an act due to not being able to find a stage, while festivals gain valuable behaviour data from tracking fans' paths throughout their venue.

Which performances and which shops fans attended, as well as time spent at each location can help you uncover affinity and behaviour data that you can leverage to optimize next years' event.

Activating the “ABCD’S” of fan data by implementing actionable strategies to collect data during your festival will help you understand your fans and their experience at your event. All this information can be used to improve next year's event and optimize your advertising to sell out even faster next year.

These are only a few of many creative strategies festivals can implement to collect fan data. Need help implementing any of these strategies or technologies at your festival? We're here to help! Contact us for a free consultation.

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