How To Add Instagram Feeds

Following the updates to the Instagram and Facebook API we have now rolled out a new feature for adding Instagram Feeds to your Stream. Follow the steps below to add up to ten (10) unique hashtags for UGC collection on Instagram.

All existing streams using Instagram feeds will need to be updated using the new method, outlined below.

Step 1. Open the stream, and click on Setup > Feeds.

Step 2. Click on the Facebook icon and authorize with your Facebook account. Make sure you have admin access to the page you are trying to add.

Step 3. After authorizing you will be brought back to the feeds page. Click the Facebook icon again and you will see all the pages you have access to. Enter the hashtag you want to collect and click "Add".

Step 4. You'll see a preview of the content appear. Review the content to make sure it's what you want to pull in, type in a label name, and click the "Create Feed" button.

Step 5. Moderate your new feeds under Content > Posts.

For further assistance, or to schedule a Stream Training call contact your Account Specialist or email

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