How To Add A Facebook App to Facebook Business Manager

Once Tradable Bits has built your branded Facebook app, follow these steps to connect the app to your Facebook Business Manager account:

Step 1: Go to and copy the App ID of your branded Facebook app. alt

Step 2: Go to and select "Business Settings" in the menu options. alt

Step 3: In the Business Settings options, select "Apps" menu on the left and click "Add". alt

Step 4: From the "Add" dropdown menu select "Add an App". alt

Step 5: Paste in the App ID you have copied and click the "Add App" button to complete the process. alt

IMPORTANT: Please confirm that your Facebook Business Manager account name matches the exact legal name of your business to ensure a smooth Business Verification process for your new Facebook app.

For further assistance with your Facebook app please contact your account specialist or email

by Tradable Bits

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