How To Add A Custom Website Header and Footer

Creating a custom header and footer for your engagement campaign improves the look and feel of your campaign, and keeps branding consistent across all of your pages. Here we describe the steps of embedding these headers and footers into your engagement campaign.

1) Within your account open the engagement campaign where you would like to add your custom header and footer URLs.

2) Once you are inside the campaign, scroll down to the bottom and click to open "Optional Theme Customization". 3) *Within "Optional Theme Customization" scroll down until you find the "Custom Embed" section. *4) Paste your header and footer URLs into the corresponding fields. 5) Be sure to click the "Save Setup" button once you are finished. Now you can click to view the campaign and be sure that the header and footer are displaying as designed. If you are experiencing any issues, please reach out to your account specialist or email

by Tradable Bits

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