How the Apple Watch's Spotify App Strengthens your Fan Insights

Ever since its game-changing release in 2015, the Apple Watch has been one of the highest-selling smartwatches globally. With an abundance of specialized apps designed to maximize its capabilities, one popular service was missing: Spotify.

Believe it or not, Apple Music was the only streaming service with an app built for the Apple Watch. As a result, Spotify users were extremely limited with what they could control on their wrists. They couldn't choose which songs to listen to, nor was there a menu allowing them to scroll through the different features characteristic of the streaming platform. The only function users had control over was the play/pause and forward/back buttons.

Apple Watch music

After years of users calling for a Spotify app to be released, Apple Music is now accompanied by their biggest competitor. Spotify officially released their Apple Watch app, changing the game of mobile music management.

How Spotify on the Apple Watch Strengthens your Fan Insights

Given the LTE capabilities of the Apple Watch, it's not a requirement for users to have their phones nearby for the smoothest user experience. The new Spotify app makes it even easier for fans to stream music and update their listening profiles whenever and wherever they are.

The more opportunities fans have to customize their listening experience, the more precise their insights will be. Without the new Spotify app, Apple Watch users wouldn't be able to conveniently adjust their music tastes in real time. Instead, they'd be forced with a static setlist which might not accurately reflect their preferences at a given time.

It's essential that a fan's listening profile is constantly updated. The music industry is constantly changing with new artists coming up and others falling to the wayside. The experience of the app gives users more control and easier discovery of music, essentially translating the traditional app's abilities onto the user's wrist. Consistently updating fan's listening profiles will ensure you have the most relevant data when you're planning your lineup.

Spotify Apple Watch app

The new Spotify app allows for a better user experience with more control over what fans are listening to, without locational barriers. It's a game-changer - not just for users, but also for companies looking for a more comprehensive overview of their fans' real-time music tastes.

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