Chatbot Basics 2: What are Stories?

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What Are Stories?

Stories are prebuilt replies that your Fan Chatbot can use to chat with fans. Start by creating some basic stories for the bot. Go into your Bot configuration, click 'Setup' and then click the drop-down menu 'Stories'. You'll see a few pre-created basic stories you can edit and customize to suit your brand. The five types of stories you'll see are:

1) Text - This is a text-only response. This is the simplest and fastest response to configure. We recommend keeping it to the length of a Tweet - longer replies may lose your fans' attention.

2) Card - Cards are containers, similar to Facebook ads or Twitter cards. They feature an image on top, a title below, a subtitle, a URL, and quick reply buttons at the bottom. These are great for linking out to specific web pages, such as active contests or your ticketing platform.

3) Open Graph - When sending a link via Facebook messenger, it can auto-populate an image and title from the page's metadata. Simply input a link and the bot does the work for you. Please note you can't adjust the metadata it pulls in our Bot configuration, so this option is easy to configure but doesn't allow customization.

4) Video - There are three ways to include a video in your Chatbot:
• Upload your video to Vimeo. Ensure your link ends in .mp4 and input it as a Story into your Chatbot and it will play the video automatically

• Upload the video directly to Facebook. You can also accomplish this by uploading the video directly to your page but hiding it so that it doesn't show up on your brand's timeline. Find the direct link for this video by clicking the timestamp, and paste that into the URL slot of your Story. These will play automatically within the Fan Chatbot, so that fans don't have to link out anywhere.

• Upload the video to YouTube. Input the link as a Story and it will automatically show a small image and title that are pulled from your video's metadata. Since YouTube is not currently supported by Facebook Messenger, it will link the fan out of the chat to that video page when they click the link.

5) Image - You can use PNGs, JPEGs, and GIFs to create image stories. Simply specify the reference URL of the photo you want to use. These are great for giving your bot some personality, as you can link to GIF sites for fun responses.

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