Fan Chatbot 3: Creating Quick Replies

Quick Replies are mini menu options you create to appear under the main content of your Fan Chatbot Story message. Each Quick Reply shows up as a small button with a short amount of text that fans can click on. Once a fan clicks the Quick Reply, it links that fan to the Story that you have attached to that button.

Creating a Quick Reply

NOTE: Each Quick Reply is linked to a Story. You must have your stories already setup so you can link them to your Quick Replies.

1) Select the Story that you want to use for your Quick Reply button.

2) Scroll to the bottom of that Story and select the 'Add Quick Reply' button.

  1. Write in the button text. Keep the button text short - a maximum of three words - since it must fit on a small button within Messenger.

  2. Then click the drop-down menu for 'Next Intent' and select the story that you created for this button. This story is what will appear when a fan selects this button.

  3. You're also able to link a CRM tag to each button. When fans click, their fan profile in Fan CRM will be tagged with the specified tag. This helps you assess your fans' interests and preferences. We recommend creating a naming convention for your tags so that it's easy to identify your tags later on.

  4. Repeat this process to add further buttons. Remember that once you add more than three buttons, they will appear to the right of the messenger screen and fans will be required to scroll to the right to view them all.

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