SEAT Panel Announcement: Fan-Based Marketing for Sports

Tradable Bits and SEAT Conference Present Fan-Based Marketing Panel for Sports Executives

We’re excited to announce our upcoming panel with experts from the NBA, NFL and Facebook discussing fan-based marketing at the Sports & Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) conference in Las Vegas on July 18, 2016.

What You'll Learn:

Our interactive panel will cover how fan-based marketing helps sports teams sell out stadiums, keep sponsors happy and engage their fans. We'll discuss the strategies and examples covered in our Fan-Based Marketing 101 and Professional Playbook for Facebook Ads white papers. Here's what you'll learn:

  • Discover latest trends in ticket sales, sponsorship and fan engagement from major sports executives
  • Hear best practices for fan data management and ad targeting from marketing tech experts at Facebook and Tradable Bits
  • Learn about fan-based marketing and how it can help your business

Who is Speaking:

In our panel, the following fan-based marketing experts will discuss the latest strategies and technologies for data-powered digital marketing:

Tradable Bits SEAT Panelists


Sean Callanan Founder, Sports Geek (Bonus: Listen to our fan-based marketing podcast on Sports Geek)


TJ Ansley, Director of Digital Media, Portland Trail Blazers

Bryan Van Balen, Social Media Coordinator, Washington Redskins

Ken Bonzon, Chief Technology Officer, Dallas Mavericks

Jacob Berman, Global Marketing Solutions (Sports), Facebook

Darshan Kaler, CEO & Co-Founder, Tradable Bits

How to Attend:

Attend the SEAT Conference, a forum for 700+ professionals and executives in the sports and entertainment industry.

Title: How to Win Fans, Sponsors and Ticket Sales with Social Data
When: Monday, July 18th, 2016 at 3:30-4:15PM
Where: Bristlecone 3 & 4, Aria Convention Center, Las Vegas

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